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  1. Editing the skin is fine by me, but what code would I use to determine the image path automatically for each image when linking the download button?
  2. Is there anyway to place a download button on each of the images?
  3. My messages look like this
  4. Looking to know if it would be possible to replace the wordpress comments with IP.Content comments? I guess my question more so would be, would IP.Content play nice with wordpress rather then just an html page.
  5. Is this going to be upgraded to work with 3.2?
  6. I hate vB, absolutely hate it. But if they have anything over IPB, its that their community is very open, and sharing. To most people coding mods for forums softwares, they find it enjoyable, or good practice. But I guess when IPS made a feature where you can make a few quick bucks, everyone gets greedy.
  7. This is a paid ap now? ffs what is this community turning into.
  8. It's not even in the official IPB release package. The closest thing I see to it is usercpForms.php
  9. The file File: /admin/applications/forums/extensions/usecpForums.php does not exist. o_O
  10. Never saw this coming. Great new feature!
  11. Arizona FTW.

    1. Iestyn


      I love the apple sign in your display name dude =D

    2. .time


      As do I.

  12. Nice, cant wait.
  13. Yea, I'll be picking this up for the PS3. Maybe in a few weeks.
  14. How did you get the adium's side bar to look like that, and what is that itunes widget kinda thing above it?
  15. Thanks.