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  1. I can't reproduce it on mine dev board. Maybe it's a bug? I didn't added any HTML do the mod title (title is displayed and generated by IPS4).
  2. Hello, where this title is displaying in this way? I can't find it.
  3. Meh too. Will be done.
  4. Will check it tomorrow.
  5. Witaj DawPi ;)


    Pozdrawiam, Jakub S. z ize ^_^

    1. DawPi


      Hi bro.

  6. You don't understand. I meant that devs who doesn't know each other have the same or similar ideas. It's nothing wrong. I must that it's very good for the whole community. Good luck @Hulu, you're doing great work lately.
  7. Nice. I've made months ago similar mod too.
  8. Hi DawPi! :thumbsup:

  9. Yes, but when... Who knows. I changed my activity here to do custom work as a main job. And from time to time make new public mod or update an old one. Adriano made great 'invite' mod for IPS4 however.
  10. Hi, check now. You misunderstood what is global sidebar and standard sidebar (displayed globally).
  11. Hello, you didn't gave much informations to help you. Maybe you could you send me your ACP details (with access to this app only of course) to take a look by me?
  12. Yes, it works like you described.
  13. You posted this URL already:
  14. Gabriel, I can't reproduce this error on When you disable this mod search function works fine? David.., not sure what you mean but.... yes.