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  1. (DP34) Referrals System

    I have first alpha version. Someone want helps with testing? PM me please.
  2. (DP41) CSE Google

    Which IPS version do you have installed on your board?
  3. (DP41) CSE Google

    We'll see.
  4. (DP41) CSE Google

    Hello, Ill check it in the next release. It works how it looks on the screenshots however.
  5. (DP41) CSE Google

    It has been fixed. Gabriel didn't imported newest version. 'All Content' replace.
  6. (DP41) CSE Google

    I'm working on it. Ps. I can't recall what was your issue mentioned? Could you remind me what is your issue with this mod?
  7. (DP41) CSE Google

    I'm speaking about it with Gabriel on PM. Stay tuned.
  8. (DP41) CSE Google

    Will check it one more time in the next 2-3 days. 100%.
  9. client area showing configuration error

    I'm seeing this error still:
  10. (DP41) CSE Google

    Could anyone tell me what doesn't work exactly what I did in this mod? It's showing results from a google search engine correctly. In few words, guys honestly, what doesn't work? With screenshots. Thanks.
  11. (DP34) Advanced Adverts

    Hello wimg, about global sidebars - I affraid I cancelled it for IPS4, because there is build in 'global' sidebar feature - called 'widgets'. I can't rival with IPS. About advanced adverts - there is also great and build in feature for adverts, with custom sections etc. I must rethink it. I've changed all my activity for IPS4 and mods. I switched to custom work and it's main work with IPS4. I've made only few public mods for sell and for free. I'm working and doing mostly custom work for it.
  12. (DP34) Advanced Adverts

    Hello, did you setup the section permissions correctly?
  13. (DP41) CSE Google

    I'm not sure if it's issue with mine mod or not. I'll look into it soon.
  14. (DP41) CSE Google

    It should. Send me your board url.
  15. (DP34) Referrals System

    Yes I know, I've started doing IPS4 version. Will be released, hopefully soon.