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  1. It's weird, it resolved things for awhile but then it returned. However the duplicated issue with display pictures is down to mobile sessions, at least it would seem so. Every time I went on my site to pull a picture for Instagram - upon looking at this plugin there would be two of me shown. Peter has made the plugin restricted only to show x amount, as before it would show too many or fewer than I added. Pretty much the same as @Simon Woods.
  2. It may be a bug, how many posts are you seeing via the goal and how many via the daily post stats?
  3. Not helped me I'm afraid. I clear my sites cache a lot and I never see any difference with this plugin, it's a shame because I really want to use it but I'm now considering removing it. Hopefully @Adriano Faria may take another look into it. I'm sure there are some IPS based bugs effecting some but none of that seems to be the case for me and a few others who remain in the background these days.
  4. It would be best as a community target, so therefore it counts everyone's posts. Like the old 3.4 version did. I've still not tested it but I have started to work ideas for the layout, looking forward to seeing input and others chipping in with more suggestions.
  5. Still hoping that the bugs may be looked into. Duplicated display pictures (caused by mobile visits?) Limited number of display pictures shown (set 30, 20 show or 17) very odd. Hopefully this will receive some attention like the awards mod has, otherwise this will have died a death IMO.
    I had this plugin back in the 3.4 days, it largely helped to encourage my active members to help achieve a post target which in turn encouraged lurks, new members to join in more. Since upgrading to 4.0 and eventually 4.1, my community has missed this feature and as a result it's frequently requested. I'm pleased to see the plugin return, it will be an excellent addition to my site. The concept is very simple but if you encourage your active members to chip in - the site will massively benefit from it! If you rely on asking members, it can feel like a job with very little reward. Whereas this encourages people to see the goal as a 'community target' and you would be surprised by just how many of my members celebrate achieving daily targets. Very much looking forward to seeing this become popular and grow further!
  6. Yes, this works well for what I wanted to do. I'm not sure if this is cache or something but at times the first ad inside a block shows on mobiles despite being set for desktop only. The triggers a bit hit and miss, so it's kinda random. This is the same block, but then this happens. I've noticed when this happens, the menu tab doesn't work on the page effected. Not sure if this is helpful info? But i tought I'd just pointing this out.
  7. Yes Newbie, but also I aim to use your ads after x topics/posts.
  8. This will require people to have two ads though, perhaps even three. I will be putting them in blocks, so I'd require two. -Edit- Is there a way I may be able to use 1 block but two ad units? (would placing both codes work?) I guess I can try.
  9. Are you referring to price or quality of plugins/apps?
  10. Yes, sorry - I should make a note to check that I'm being clear enough. 'Show On' - is this what you plan to add? Would it be possible to replicate what the banner element does? Instead of 'upload smaller versions'. Supply mobile and tablet code. Lack of being clear and probably rushing on my behalf, sorry about this also Newbie. I should have said this but I honestly don't recall.
  11. Sorry, I'm in the process of settings things up and I find it a little confusing. Ads are not protected until code is added? Where would I add the code? The alternative advert code. To my understanding currently there is only one available, I think it would be better defined by each advertisement.
  12. I have some in-house advertisers about to come on board, they will be paying for impressions and if people click this would limit that amount. Would you be able to look into making it HTML only that is protected by the click counter? Somewhere inside the Advertisement configuration page would be awesome. Inside here would allow for greater control, allowing for more customization with the ads. I can replace ads for like for like, so a in-house banner could be shown when a HTML ad unit is under the click limit. PS. Would it also be possible to add a setting for a mobile/responsive HTML advert? Adsense have done a way with their responsive banner adverts, the link version is very uninspiring (almost as poorly designed as's). If I could add a smaller banner designed for mobiles, I could have a banner showing instead just links.
  13. @newbie LAC: I'm just starting out with using this. The click protection can you confirm it only applies to HTML ads? (I'd hate any banner advertisements to lose out on impressions). May I also purpose that the option to show an alternative advert once a HTML ad has been clicked to many times is relocated inside the ad options itself? This would allow us to define separate replacements. Example - I will be using Amazon Affiliates, so once Adsense an IP triggers to many HTML clicks, I could then display a banner or alternative code that the click protection isn't applied too.
  14. @Mike John: Is it possible to embed the video instead of the thumbnail for discussions?
  15. There's no icon Newbie? (Is this supposed to happen?) Does the click protection only work for HTML codes? Say I wanted to show a banner instead of say Adsense, how would I call one of my banner advertisements to display when someone has clicked to many times?
  16. Possibly best as a feature settings. Separate categories [Toggle] 'On' = Yes.
    Very useful application - this allows me to organise my site, along with getting team members more involved in the dynamics of mission control. Task Management Simple, but effective. This will allow you to form various projects and assign people to manage or carry out the said task. Allowing for your site to focus on producing rich content in-house, rather than having to use e-mails, Facebook groups or DM's via Twitter. No matter what the task/project, this will enable you to run it smoothly. Bug Tracking Very good bug tracking system with inbuilt IPS support, along with just the common features you would require to track problems. Suggestions Effective way of making use of suggestions, so you can implement the best ideas. Very straight forward but it saves tones of time and if you are used to seeing people suggest ideas, this just keeps every nice tidy. -- Overall it's very early days, but the application is fantastic. It's well supported and for the price, I'd consider it a bargain! @Foster seems very focused on further improving the system, so be sure to get involved and if you are in need of any of the above - the application is for you. I would highly recommend it already.
  17. Yes, honestly this occurred the most issues for me. It's that problematic that I haven't bothered upgrading one of my other sites to 4.1.18 (.1 or .2). It's just casing so much hassle, the amount of members who are saying that things aren't working etc.
  18. @ZakRhyno, @Everade and @AlexJ Consider asking @Foster to make a migration method to his tracker.
  19. I'm having nothing but issues since this release, I do hate to moan but there's more noticeable bugs for me. The discover pages are broken, articles don't seem to appear in them for certain members (including other admins). You can't define your 'unread' items because refreshing seems broken and on occasions you get errors. When reading a topic or PM and someone replies, it doesn't automatically update when you click to on the notification - it refreshes. This happens on this site - sometimes manually refreshing works fine, other times you get an error that states the content cannot be found. It's very frustrating, I realise you guys will be doing your best but there's always issues and they tend to be the ones which breaks important areas. I struggle enough to get people to post due to my niche topic and the fact its a depressing area but the errors of this version is really making people moan.
  20. I'm very pleased to see this released! I'd love to see more features included that would support the way that I would like to use the system. Will you be adding support to assign tasks (notification sent out), ability to reject an assignment etc, organising each item into a calendar? I'll be eagerly awaiting to see how this pans out.
  21. For me, I have noticed that the display pictures remove themselves at times. Whilst when I visit my site from my mobile, I appear twice (if I click on the picture, both take me to my profile). I think @Theme Tent UK was right that this is cache related (at least for me) and that some is related to mobile visits.
  22. Have you saved any template changes at all? In the 3.4 versions sometimes updates didn't appear due to me editing the template, I simply had to revert to the default and re-add the changes made prior. If you haven't, it looks like you may need to wait for Newbie.
  23. There should be a icon located next to when the table was last updated. Header, top right. Table last updated: January 24