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  1. When using the metro style, would there be a way to make the 4th social channel the full size (as Facebook is on my test page?) so that it fills the white space @newbie LAC
  2. I've just managed to get YouTube back, but still having issues with Insta.
  3. @newbie LAC I still can't get Instagram to work, I followed the steps mentioned in the latest upgrade but it still doesn't show. -Edit... Somehow now YouTube has disappeared and when I re-added service to the widget that no longer shows.
  4. A brief glimpse into who the people behind IPS are, accompanied with a short interview would be awesome.
  5. A lot of companies and sites have started tapping into the social media side of video content. Its a very powerful tool, something I would be interested in seeing a bit of around IPS. However, I've never noticed anything apart from some videos on upcoming features etc. Would anyone else think a video like the below but about IPS staff would be cool? No doubt it would tell people more about IPS and be a fun engaging way to reach out to people, even new clients. How about it @Matt, @Lindy?
    Brilliant plugin and with support, this could become a very powerful app. I use this on my site and it's a way to promote who my members supports, as it goes it will be a massive part of the sites features. The plugin creates a nice able which can be used to show the most fans, along with their icon in the postbit area and several other locations. This could be used on fan sites, example: Your favourite show, character and much more. It works perfectly well and credit to Michael for making it a possibility.
  6. Would be interested to see the app and pricing, if all was reasonable I would be seriously pursuing my interest further.
  7. I still can't figure out why Instagram won't work. I followed your instructions @newbie LAC and nothing.
  8. Can I use the same application as the one I have setup to allow FB login integration? Also, I assume the page name is the username? For some reason, I still can't manage to get FB to set up. Likewise with Instagram, however I am wondering if it's due to still being in 'sandbox mode'. Also, do I need to request any permissions?
  9. Will 4.2 be like upgrading from 4.0 to 4.1, or will things break? I know some plugins and stuff did when upgrading from 4.0, though it was still manageable. 4.2 looks like a pretty big upgrade in terms of changes, so I am hoping that it won't break everything or mean I will have to spend on having all my custom work upgraded. Not a negative, just useful to know because I would have to hold back. Love the new features, I haven't been this excited since you guys first introduced the gallery and blog apps! Oh wait, I was with 4.0!
  10. Purchased and installed, I'm very excited about this as I have been trying to campaign for this to be made. I can't seem to change the social tabs colour, it just stays wait on my theme. You can check this via my sites test page Newbie if you would like to look? Also, can you please provide details on how to set it up fully via the install download? I think other users will find this useful. I have setup YouTube and Twitter without any problem but I cannot get Instagram or Facebook to accept my IDs etc
  11. I tried to design a mock of template, though I wasn't happy with it at all. I display a message at the top of my site, I think the current design could fit in nicely with that and perhaps you could adapt a template from there? If it's okay, I'll shoot you a PM to show you what I mean.
  12. @Adriano Faria has said he may re-write the plugin from scratch, I think that's best encouraging if people want the bugs to be resolved. I have actually limited where I show this now due to the feedback I get from my members and visitors. It's a good plugin, so fingers either it will be fixed or that a new version will be made (though time constraints my interfere a bit). Or marked as broken as IPS once did. However, I do think we should be mindful that the creator isn't around and that it is temporary care by someone who works their socks off for this community.
  13. This is for 4.0, the 3.4 version isn't supported now I don't think.
  14. Can the picture block also show an Instagram account?