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    We have had a question and answer feature in IPS Community Suite for some time and we are now happy to add Google Authenticator as another option. We have also combined the various options it a new Two Factor Authentication (2FA) section in the AdminCP with many more options. Two Factor Authentication Settings There are also new settings to control when a user is required (or not) to setup 2FA: 2FA Setup You can control what areas will prompt for 2FA authentication: 2FA Area Control And how the system should recover if a user cannot login via 2FA on their account: 2FA Recovery Settings An administrator can configure these settings to tailor the security needs of their community. For example, you might want to require 2FA your admins and moderators but keep it optional for your members. On the front end your members will see a new Account Security section under their settings area. Account Security Settings Once authenticated, a user will then be able to enable various security options. For example, the Google Authenticator setup shows an easy to follow setup. Google Authenticator Setup We hope you enjoy this new level of system security. IPS has plans to add additional 2FA providers beyond Question and Answers and Google Authenticator. We will keep you updated! This change will be in version 4.1.18 which is scheduled to be released in late January 2017.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Pages SuperHelp is a set of Pages templates for help/FAQ sections, tutorials, online courses and similar content. What’s needed: IPS 4.1 in its most recent version with the Pages application A Pages databases that uses several levels of categories. Benefits of SuperHelp: The Pages stock templates are limited to show only one level at a time: One level of categories; one level of record links in one category; one full record. SuperHelp is based on IPS’ Help Guide Section and can show much more information and make browsing your database much easier. The template set has a beautiful and clean look and is of course fully responsive. It adopts to almost all IPS sites and the included settings plugin lets you edit the template appearance without any HTML knowledge. What is included: A Frontpage category listing template which shows main and sub categories. A Listing template which shows sub categories, records in sub-categories and records in the current category. A Record View template with a sidebar, which shows other records in the same category. A Plugin which lets you change the settings of the templates easily. An installation PDF with detailed instructions and tips to set up your SuperHelp database. Note: You can use the templates for any number of databases, but the settings will always apply to all SuperHelp templates. Plugin Settings: Show category follow button: Yes/No Show record images in listing view: Yes/No Show record image in record view: Yes/No Number of lines after which the preview text gets cut off Number of records to show in a sub-category list Type of icon to use for help steps: Automatic numbering or user-defined FontAwesome pictogram Text alignment for title/description on frontpage Text alignment for title/description on listing page Text alignment for category title/description on frontpage Expert options: Add category image to your main categories Override the styling (e.g. icon colors) in your theme’s custom.css


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    Version 1.0.2


    This small plugin allows adding cover images or HTML in forum view quickly and easily. (This file requires an upload so you will not be able to install this on an IPS Cloud hosted community.) Features: Show a single image or multiple images (slider style) in top of forum view. Support HTML. Admin can edit Cover in ACP, or set permission for groups to edit in forum view. Various customization options for slider style such as: navigation buttons, auto slide, max height, interval, transition effect, display forum's title & description in cover. Fully responsive. Demo: http://demo.ipsviet.com/forums/forum/2-a-test-forum/


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    demo: https://codingjungle.com/phpdoc/index.html this is the doxygen of IPS 4's PHP files. i will try to keep it current with each new release. Instructions: download file, extract into your IPS root path. open browser, http://mysite.com/phpdoc *note: you can upload it to your server, but if you do local development, probably best to keep it there and the above link for demo will be updated with each release i do.


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    So, you're saying you want us to raise our prices? You know I'm a man of the people! "Based on client feedback, we are instituting a 75% price increase. You spoke, we listened!"
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    Regarding the copyright - you may not modify it. You can, of course, link to other sites on your own site if you wish. Branding exists in every industry. If you buy a Cadillac, it says Cadillac all over it. You can put Ford on it in protest, but ... well, you're just going to look weird. If you want to look at IPS branding as advertisement, then consider we factor a discount into your license fee to account for it. If you don't wish to have that branding or "advertisement" you re-pay the discount you received, which we've deemed to be valued at $500. That's quite a discount for a tiny "Community Software by Invision Power Services" at the bottom of the site. You're welcome! Regarding domain changes - you may change it once yourself free of charge every six months. If you need to do it more often, simply contact us. Absent evident abuse, we'll generally change it, free of charge. I'm not going to buy a Cadillac (I guess I'm on a Cadillac kick today) from you resetting your domain a few times anyway... though if you wanted to stock up on branding removals, that would help - thanks in advance! In all seriousness though - lighten up. Enjoy the software. If you love it, wear that beautiful IPS copyright line with pride. If you don't, let us know what would change your mind.
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    Version 1.0.2


    @KentT paid me to create this plugin for Pages, encourage me to submit it to Marketplace, and provide the continued support Features: Display thumbnails in article database. Easy to change thumbnail by clicking on it. No reload page after changing thumbnails. Select thumbnail from external url, record image or article content. Set permission for group to change thumbnails.


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    Version 1.0.2


    This plugin will display the block with X random users Idea This plugin also: - display following counter and followers counter on hover card - display the block "Following X members" in user profile - display the page "Members %user% is Following" If you have any questions before purchase please use support topic. Support topic


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    Surface Dark

    Version 1.1.4 - 4.1.17


    The theme of «Surface» is a fully modernized design IPS in different colors. We tried to make the best design and make it easier to customize style, so have worked out every detail. We wish to make as high quality a product as possible and «Surface» will reveal it. Full Screen: Home Page, Calendar, Downloads, Blogs, Gallery Also in the archive are present: Skin Images (4 custom guestmessage cover backgrounds) Support Topic Click here for demo! Main Settings Backgrounds Forms Forum Nodes GuestMessage NavBar Other Settings Footer Slider Social Icons Typography ToDo List: 1. To correct all the errors, if any. - ✓ Done 2. Add slider - ✓ Done 3. To change the appearance of the tooltip - ✓ Done 4. Gradually add the new settings 5. To finish vertical styling style Notice: If You need to install style on Your forum, but You can't do that, write me in personal messages. If You find a bug in the style, at once write us in PM or in the Support Topic and I'll correct it. If You like the style, then check out my other work


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    Raw talked to me today earlier. He got some problems in his personal life and he couldn't support your resources as it should. So I will support them for a couple of months or so, until Raw got everything sorted and be able to support them again. I'm only waiting for IPS (marketplace moderator and Management) to agree to with it then I'll be supporting it. I will require a few days to learn how this app (and the others) works. In the meantime, please list the issues with it so I can take a look. Thank you.
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    Version 1.0.2


    This plugin allows you to limit the quoted content in your email notifications. This way your members have to visit your community to read the full content => MORE visitors => MORE views => MORE $$$$


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    Version 1.0.1


    Winter holiday 2017 Theme Winter holiday 2017 designed especially for a good winter mood. Theme has a few features and fully responsive and mobile friendly. Features On/Off snow on front-end; Choosing the type of snow: Simple; Round; Flakes with shadow; Round with shadow; Snowdrift on Primary Nav; Snow images 1-3. Pre-defined snow images. On/Off holiday font. This theme is free, C Новым Годом!


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    New features! - Remove requirement from REASON when deleting an award: - Pagination and member who gave the award in member profile tab: Results: - Awarding mutlple members at same time. Added 30 members max per time: See it in action: I'll wait a few days to release this versiion.
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    Sure, I've added a notes field. Please note (heh), however, we require relatively straight-forward access in order to provide support... so we unfortunately can't get into things like "edit your hosts file to point this IP to this domain, upload a key to your computer then call 877-555-5555 and tell Victor, the man who answers the phone "I'd like an order of chicken pad thai, medium spice, no sprouts... large cherry coke" -- he will in turn give you a code that's valid for 7 seconds." Ain't nobody got time for that, am I right? It is very helpful to know if you're using a specific caching engine, if you're using a funky series of path configuration and redirects, that sort of thing. Thanks for the thought!
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    Version 1.0.2


    Behemoth is a clean, multipurpose IPS theme comes with advanced features including responsive drop down navigation, Styling a specific forum category, Google fonts API integration, custom full-sized widgets, Advanced footer, A different article styles, and a powerful touch slider that can be integrated with (IP.Content) as a complete package for infinite slider. Behemoth theme is beautifully responsive and mobile friendly. integrated with the Swiper which is a modern touch slider. works with all modern browsers. Behemoth is a pixel-perfect design, works great on tablets, mobile phones. You can integrate the slider with (IP.Content) to showcase your articles in a beautiful design. This is not just a theme, Behemoth theme comes free with awesome article styles. Demo Features: Swiper Slider Swiper is a modern touch slider that integrates with (IP.Content) as a complete package for infinite slider. beautifully designed to showcase your articles. It is entirely responsive, meaning that it can work on tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and desktop computers, comes with tons of settings and customization's You can enable or disable the slider on specific pages for example show on forum index but not forum topics page, or pages, blogs, gallery...etc). By default you can add 5 custom sliders within theme settings, You can also set group permissions for each of the sliders, for example, guest slider or any other user groups. You can also enable Article Slider option to integrate with Pages articles, Once you create an article, it is automatically added to the sliders list Shows the author name, comments, views. pinned or featured icons, article image and with a readmore button links to article record, and that is not the only cool thing about the slider, the article slider is actually fully controllable within the block feed you create, for example showing featured articles or pinned, or showing to specific user groups , This is basically a customized block feed template shows the records in the slider You can add and have as many block feed as you want even from different Pages databases, for example creating sliders for guests or any other user groups you want Newbie friendly and really easy to setup. Custom Full-sized Widget Add a custom widget on top or bottom of your website with group permissions, You can show it everywhere or selecting some useful pages to show the widget, for example login, register page, user profile pages, search page, and many more... Great for guest message or any other user groups, or to use it for custom ads and/or custom html. Priority Navigation Responsive navigation to show your website menus in a beautiful drop down, drop up, fading, sliding effects, Colors are fully controllable and comes with a lot of settings to customize, text size, Google fonts, complete color change...etc). Advanced Footer A secondary footer fully customizable, you can add Links, About us information, Social icons. You can even assign a block feed to the footer links, You can easily change font colors, Hover colors, header colors, a custom background for About Us widget, Custom background color, Gradients, background Images...etc). Style your Forum Categories Style a specif forum category, For example adding a different background color or background gradients, text color, or a cover to the section, very useful if you have private sections. Colorizer This theme colors are completely customization, you can change the entire look to a different colors. comes with a pre-setup of colors, you can with one click switch between a white or dark theme, there will be many more color schemes for this theme in feature updates A different article styles This theme comes free with A different article styles A beautiful design to show articles in one column, two column, three column, Two column first featured, Three column first featured, and a mini news feed block, you can assign the styles on the main database page or as a block anywhere you want, Clean coded and the templates are entirely responsive, it can work anywhere you want. it also comes with a plugin to customize the styles. ...Comes with tons of useful settings and customization One click to replace and switch all color settings between a complete white or dark scheme ______________________________________________________________________________________ Boxed header _____________________________________________________________________________________ Example of "A different article styles" ______________________________________________________________________________________ Wallpaper credits: wallpaperswide.com


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    I'm sorry you're frustrated. Customizations to the software are not within the scope of support and unfortunately, that's where most of your concerns seem to stem from -- custom/broken language packs, refactoring your SSO, etc. As much as we would love to provide custom support via the client area, it's simply not feasible as our technicians are not developers and our developers must remain focused on actual product development and resolving core concerns for clients. It is in fact true that we provide IPS Connect as a mechanism for login integration and we've documented how to use it. While we will fix bugs and maintain the module, we cannot help write your code or troubleshoot what you may be doing wrong in an official capacity - again, it's simply not practical. For this, we offer a development assistance forum with very talented third party developers and our own developers visit as well, time-permitting.
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    Almost 2 years or somewhere near that with IPS now! Had issues at the start. Mainly down to my inexperience. I've lived, breathed and learned what i can from where i can. Even took my first venture into a little javascript and made something work the way i wanted which is neat. I am eager to see what else ips has to offer. I am running out of things to customize. Whether it is a third party plugin or the standard theme. I am eager for more. Because i have enjoyed everything you have offered me so far. And the support staff always do what they can to help me and i derp a lot. Would it be wrong of me to ask for a hint at future plans? I used to love drooling over the update roadmap. And would love to start thinking creatively about future possibilities. FEED ME DARN IT! I NEED MORE PRODUCTS! I NEED MOAR GOOD STUFF!!
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    We are experimenting with MySQL read/write separation in 4.1.18 and 4.1.19. It's not quite ready for public use just yet but it is working well on the test sites we have it deployed on. Right now we have a total of 18,000 online users on a MySQL cluster with 99% of queries going to the read-replicas and only post-events going to the write master. There's more to do but you should see this in a future release.
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    Version 1.0.0


    The plugin allows you to choose the forum for deleted topics. Instead of deleting the topic will be moved to this forum. Instruction 1. Create a new forum for deleted topics. You can make it unavailable for public access. 2. Select this forum in the plugin settings (field "Recycle bin forum"). 3. Select the forums from which topics when you delete will be moved to trash.


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    I have to disagree totally here with the IP - I can quote examples where I have also got frustrated at the speed of the responses or lack of but in all honesty the support has been good and comprehensive. @Matt recently speant a significant amount of time assisting to upgrade one of our older forums that would not upgrade due to a database issue - extensive troubleshooting took place and Matt got us upgraded within a week. Personally, I'm very grateful for the help and support I have had and I think any criticism needs to be balanced.
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    Hi Jibeji. I'm really sorry that you feel that support hasn't been as helpful as you'd have liked. We have a hard working team who pride themselves on doing the best for our customers. I won't claim that we're 100% perfect, but I feel that we work hard and generally customer satisfaction is very good judging by the customer ratings on support tickets. However, I must say that judging by the replies you've had on the issues you've raised, they do seem fair. 3.4 is now EOL, and we always ask for as much information when someone raises a security concern and as per our terms of service we do not assist with custom coding or we'd get nothing else done. If you disagree with what has been said, you are always welcome to reply again or even escalate it to a manager. We never expect you to disagree in silence or feel frustrated enough to post on our forums.
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    Oh gezz, you're trying to have me killed aren't you?
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    I have said many times that they should hire him, he is fantastic, I love this man! Or perhaps we could give him an... award. -snerk-
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    I apologize for the delay - all MP orders are approved at this time. Just a few notes: 1) Not all marketplace orders are manually approved. We utilize a fraud scoring model and those over a certain threshold are flagged for manual review. 2) You can reduce the chance your order will get flagged by ensuring you are using a verified PayPal account and your billing information matches your physical location. 3) if you're using a proxy server or pseudo "VPN" - disconnect from it before ordering. The system flags all orders if you're using a proxy/VPN server.
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    Version 1.0.11


    Trophies and Medals is the best new way to award trophies to your community in a full rewards system! It offers a fun and engaging new way to give awards ("trophies and medals") to your community based upon conditions or criteria that you get to define, or you can let your moderators manually give awards for unique circumstances! Trophies and Medals also includes a REST api so the app can be extended for unlimited possibilities. - Are you looking for an awards app where you can automatically give awards, trophies, and medals based upon forum posts, topics, and more? - Are you looking to increase repeat engagement by giving out rewards? Or are you struggling to grow your new community? - Are you looking to add gamification features to encourage positive behavior like quality posting? - Are you looking for more features beyond the IPS Leaderboard to customize the levels, types, and images of awards? - Are you looking to monetize your community ($$) and add bonus features for paying members? - Are you looking for a well-supported app by a IPS third-party developer who passionately loves supporting the IPS community? Start creating a full awards system with Trophies and Medals! THINGS TO KNOW Trophies - Trophies are *automatically* awarded based upon criteria. The criteria are defined in the ACP. Medals - Medals are *manually* awarded by moderators and administrators. They are given on the front-end. The application supports both trophies and medals! This application allows you do award trophies automatically to your members based on following criteria: The criteria system is using the IPS4 extensions system and I'll add more criteria with future releases. Just let me know what you need Medals are similar to trophies, but they're awarded manually by moderators direct on a members profile or by the admin in the ACP. On the frontend they'll also be shown on the members profile page. There's also a REST API which allows you to award medals to your members via 3rd party sites or applications. Available REST Methods: INTEGRATION- REST API- Automation Rules by @Kevin Carwile- Referrers by @fosters HOW TO INSTALL The file is an application (.TAR), which can be installed in the ACP. 1. Go to System > Applications 2. Click on "Install" 3. Upload the .TAR file and click on "Install."


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    (BIM41) Chatbox

    Version 1.3.0


    This is very simple chat system with the basic features: Ajax chat, auto update. Display as IPS widgets, so you can place it in sidebar or top page. Sound notification. User can toggle on/off. Admins/Moderators can block users. Users can ignore some chatters they don't want to see. Load more messages when scrolling end (or top). Announcement (on Top or Tab). Support emoticons, URL, Image URL (gif, png, jpg) @mention by clicking on usernames. Flood control. Time format. Display newer messages in top or bottom. Permissions for viewing, chatting & management. Edit/Delete messages. Demo: http://ipsviet.com Don't ask me to add color or any formatting chat message... I like the simplest things.


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    I am happy to announce SuperGrid 2.0 with these changes: New SuperGrid Plugin. No more copy and paste and editing settings in 5 different templates. All templates were recreated so all settings and the CSS are now part of a plugin. Much easier to use and upgrade! SuperGrid Horizontal Block! By popular request: The block template now has the full functionality of the database listing template. Create database feed widgets with the 3x3 SuperGrid layout and put them anywhere on your site. The possibilities are endless! For example: Create an engaging SuperGrid homepage with multiple SuperGrid widgets as horizontal and/or vertical blocks. Or: Show 3/6/9… featured/recent/popular articles below or above your articles. Improved Record View on Mobile By popular request: The record view template has been improved, so the avatar and the article/author information now adopt to the screen width and don’t take up as much space as before. Make sure to follow the upgrade instructions in the PDF if you are upgrading. You need to fully remove SuperGrid 1.x first and the installation process for 2.0 has changed (i.e. made easier) as well. Also: The new settings are now unified and independent from specific templates. So you cannot install the templates multiple times anymore and use different settings for each template set as you could with SuperGrid 1.x. All instances will use the same settings in SuperGrid 2.x.
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    We agree there's tremendous value in an improved and centralized media management center of sorts and it is something we're looking closely at. I unfortunately do not have an ETA at this time, but I would expect you will see improvements in 4.2.
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    At a user level, I completely understand (and agree with) the expectation that everything across the entire suite should be searchable. At a technical level, it's not quite that simple. To allow for the most common apps to be searched in an efficient manner, IPS4 utilizes a search index that consolidates basic entries of content. It would take ages to search and cripple many environments to search everything independently or do a series of joins across a dozen tables. The downside to this approach is, not everything is in the search index at this point. 4.2 will see some basic search improvements. 4.3 (which we also expect this year, so don't panic - it's not years out) will see a search engineering overhaul to include an even more robust system -- including elasticache. The ability to search Pages and Commerce comes up a lot - it's definitely something we are going to address as soon as possible.
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    I totally empathize with your position here as a fellow IPS client who loves to customize his community with third party applications and plugins. I have more third-party applications installed than actual IPS apps, and I have a long, long list of plugins to make my community easier to use. With that said, 1. Is it really such a big deal to register on a different website for different products? Who cares? It takes three seconds to bookmark and open a link to different support websites. If I need to go to a different website for @Kevin Carwile, @CodingJungle, @Adriano Faria that's a small trade-off as a client for quality support, wouldn't you agree? 2. Active revision checking - I agree as a voluntary feature. If any devs are reading, you might as well add this feature in for clients. Lastly, I agree that support is "bad" to "non-existent" on certain third party apps. I don't blame the developer, since usually it's probably more of time factor than wanting to unintentionally not support his apps. I genuinely believe most developers would love to support as many clients as they could for a popular app, that's why they released a product into Marketplace to begin with. But we as clients sometimes forget that WE have an equal responsibility in the transaction. WE need to do research on the product and developer's overall support and tenure within the community; WE need to write honest reviews on every purchase to help other clients; and WE need to notify IPS if an app is clearly not working. Instead of shifting the burden on IPS (who honestly have no obligation at all to monitor the quality of the Marketplace), sometimes we need to remember the phrase "caveat emptor" - let the buyer beware. The IPS Marketplace is small enough as it is compared to other communities (although we have some truly heroic developers) and as clients we need to keep in mind we need to cultivate a healthy and vibrant relationship with the developers into a healthy ecosystem for all of us. So work with the devs, report any and all bugs, write honest reviews that detail both the good and the bad, let the devs test things on your board, etc. That's the only way to move all of us forward in the IPS community.
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    Version 1.1.0


    The plugin provides the ability to specify a custom date format. Also, the plugin supports separate formats for today's and yesterday's dates.


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    I think it's still a bit early to be talking about 5.x. Specifically, though, if you do not count Betas (I don't when talking strictly about life cycle of a product - the "life cycle" is the point from when it is a fully supported release, to when the next major release is made), then IP.Board 3.0.0 was released in June 2009, and IPS Suite 4.0.0 was released in April 2015, giving 3.x just shy of a six years as the main flagship product. Also, fun-fact - when IPS4 was initially released, most of the developers and management were all in the same room.
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    Most folks that know me know that I can be a VERY vocal critic (right @Lindy ) but all the support tickets I've had to submit have been responded to in an entirely satisfactorily manner. Some aspects of support that people expect are beyond the level of core script support.
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    Version 2.1


    Pages SuperGrid is a set of Pages templates and a complete solution to make your Pages databases (with articles, directories and so on) appealing and engaging. What’s needed: IPS 4.1 in its most recent version with the Pages application A pages databases that uses the stock Record Image field and has images with a sufficient resolution uploaded through that field. (Technically, the templates also work without images, but it’s an image-centered design and works best when most or all records have images.) Which templates are included: A beautiful grid-based Front Page template with two records featured at the top — for when your database is set to article mode. A beautiful grid-based Listing template replacing the dull forum listing design — for when you open a category or have a database without categories. A unique Record View template with a large header image — for when you open a specific record. A category listing template – in case you use more than one category. Note: You can use the templates for any number of databases, but the settings will always apply to all SuperGrid templates. 2 Bonus Features included: Twitter Card support! Yes, you read that correctly! The SuperGrid record view template adds Twitter Card support to your records. You just have to provide your Twitter handle. Tweets with images have a significantly higher click rate and with Pages SuperGrid any link to an article in your database (which has a record image) will automatically get a beautiful Twitter Card like this: Block template! Create blocks anywhere on your site – pointing to your database – and make them as beautiful as the database itself. Detailed Feature Description and Notes: Pages SuperGrid is built with the IPS design framework and is therefore fully responsive and compatible to most well-coded/well-designed themes. The styling of your theme(s) is inherited and the Pages SuperGrid templates will usually work out of the box. The template is designed to work on single-column pages with or without a sidebar. The grid will automatically adopt to the available width and collapse on smaller devices. The content field is not shown in the grid-based listing templates and all images will be scaled and cropped (without distortion) to the same size to allow a consistent look. If you need to show the content field or need to use images shown with different sizes, check out Taman’s templates. The templates come with lots of options you can easily adjust within the template. Front Page/Listing Template: Show author/category/date: Yes/No Alignment author/category/date Show comments/views/ratings/likes: Yes/No Alignment comments/views/ratings/likes Show record owner’s avatar: Yes/no Alignment record owner’s avatar Title alignment Image Aspect Ratio Use thumbnail or full-size images Turn images into record link: Yes/No Assign fallback image for records without an image Show “featured record” badge for featured records: Yes/No Pick badge style for featured records Show “pinned record” badge for pinned records: Yes/No Pick badge style for pinned records Record View Template: Image Aspect Ratio Pick Avatar size from 7 options Turn header image on or off Assign Twitter handle for Twitter Cards Show “featured record” badge for featured records: Yes/No Pick badge style for featured records Show “pinned record” badge for pinned records: Yes/No Pick badge style for pinned records


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    Version 1.1


    Hello This is my first 4x theme, has basic modifications and works with last IPB version. You are free to remove the theme copyright. Demo: http://xander.cl/demo/ User: xander Password: test Hope you like


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    As for me, I would like to have an option to choose which forums (and thus topics) can be excluded from the Leaderboard. In fact I have a few forums where members simply chat about everything (jokes, etc.) and I would like to exclude the topics posted in these forums from the Leadernboard...
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    There is a bug flagging transactions when they shouldn't. I'm truly sorry about that and have put in a priority request to developers to resolve. PayPal is the only option as the marketplace is selfcontained and the authors receive their commissions via PayPal.
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    Way to go @Adriano Faria, you deserve a medal mate.
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    i was going say the same today been talk to RAW see if there any issues and had reply and one or two apps will be transfered myself still talk over this to RAW so hopefully all issue will be worked out between the apps/widgets.
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    Such is the life of a software consumer. I mean, other than getting total custom work that has some way of being future proof -- which I assume would cost a lot of money -- I don't see any other way around the current reality that is the uncertainty of software development. You can't even rely on IPS to continue supporting their products. I think one of the reasons developers aren't motivated is the customers -- yes there are plenty of people willing to spend money but do all of those people also contribute in a substantial way to these forums? Not really. What do developers face on here? A lot of fly-by customers who often make ignorant remarks in the midst of petulant complaints, mixed in with a number of enthusiastic but often incomprehensible and impatient customers who fail to understand certain basic facts about software development and how to give feedback... all along side IPS who brought a brand new codebase without a set of top class development tools to go with it, as well as failing to supply clear and user friendly communication to non-developers about some of the realities of developing for IPS that the average person might not be aware of. Also, on top of all that, when the third-party devs do go ahead and put even more work into supporting their customers with their own sites where they can improve things in a way that is impossible on this site... what happens? They get customers blaming them rather than IPS for the currently broken state of the relationships between IPS, devs, and customers. There are clearly still good people in the IPS community from all parts but between continued development here and stable income from actual jobs (I recall RAW recently said he has two jobs at the moment), I think I'd honestly go elsewhere.
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    Please make a simple way of merging the first message from the topic with others. My moderators really need this feature...
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    Good discussion. Don't forget that there is value in being able to "segregate" images based upon the app they came from, since any way of segregating and organizing them is better than one continuous list of hundreds or thousands of images -- when it comes to finding and reusing them; I already have over 2,000 attached images to 'page" through, and I'm in the process of republishing 1500 pages (now records in Pages) of content imported from Wordpress -- that includes another 7500 images. Imagine trying to page through and find images in one list of almost 10,000 images We certainly need to be able to segregate and organize images (media in general) into categories, folders, albums or something -- rather than one huge list.... Here's my related topic making that point:
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    Excellent plugin that allows webmasters to give each category it's own atmosphere with a very welcoming cover photo! Plugin developer is also VERY responsive to support inquires.
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    If you care about honesty, how about having a calm and factual discussion about what bothers you? What you are doing here is just an angry rant. There isn’t much honesty in your exaggerated (“Support is useless !!!”) and pointless (“I must accept not to use a product I have bought”) comments, is there? You have been presented with good reasons why support is the way it is. Now it’s your turn to consider these reasons, calm down, and go the proper routes to get help for your questions. Making angry comments won’t help you. (It might actually get you less help.) Oh, and regarding that misquoting … You presented your custom SSO code and asked support questions about it, since it didn’t work as expected. Lindy replied: “we cannot help write your code or troubleshoot what you may be doing wrong”. Where exactly should the misquoting be? Answering this support question means “helping your write your code”. What else should it mean? I really can’t see the misquoting/dishonesty.
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    No, it isn’t. I got 35 support tickets on file now and 95% are handled perfectly fine and end with a solution for the problem they were opened for. But if your are asking questions, which are “out of scope”, then they are out of scope. They don’t advertise to solve these kind of problems, so you can’t really blame them for not solving them.
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    Version 2.2.4


    I was bored and was browsing around and saw a list of "new features" in a competing software to IPS and was like "now IPS should have this". if the USER has the "default" user avatar, the "egg person" not sure what else to call it, this application will generate an avatar based on their username. Designer Mode: allows you to adjust the settings to tailor the avatars to your site. Font/Shadow Text Color selection. Dual Letter mode: creates a two letter avatar instead of a single letter. you can adjust the font size for single or double letter avatars. Only 2 Names: if this is enabled with dual letters, only usernames that have a space will generate a double letter avatar, or it will generate a single letter avatar Color Overrides: Enter a single/double letter or username here and select a color to make the background of the avatar. Unique backgrounds: n2a will generate the background color based on single/double letter, with unique colors it will generate the background color from the username making it unique in appearance to other avatars that share the same letter combos ( this will generate a avatar per member, where usually it will only generate a single shared avatar for the single/double letters) upload and use your own TTF font file. x/y offset: allows you to adjust the positioning of the lettering if your custom font has thrown off alignment. Text Angle: adjust the angle of the text from the left alignment alpha level: set the alpha to the background color. generate n2a image for forums and download items icon. avatar gradients. much more... feel free to use however want or add it to any project you'd like. no support will be provided. the license for this application is MIT, just follow its requirements if you intend to use it in your own project/app/etc, https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT. Enjoy, let me know what you all think and if you want to thank me with a monetary value my paypal is https://www.paypal.me/codingjungle (you really don't but i wont turn down your thankfulness )


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    Version 1.0.3


    Keeps track of the number of registered members that have visited your site in a custom duration and also records which day you set the record for the most members online in the same day all options done via the front settings. Show Online Users For How Many Hour Ago. Who Can See. Show Stat. Limit Maximum Number of The List. Groups To Exclude From the Link. Order Users Link By. Sort Type. IPS 4.0, 4.1 If you have suggestions, we'd be happy to hear them via this support topic.