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    We are well into development on IPS Community Suite 4.2 and are excited to start announcing all the new features and improvements. Our next big release is focused on engagement with your members. You will see enhancements to our Reputation system, new ways to encourage people to register on your community, and enhancements to existing features to make them more interactive. There are also entirely new capabilities we cannot wait to show you ranging from new ways to organize content to tools to help promote your community. Version 4.2 also features a refreshed AdminCP and default front-end design. Theme changes in 4.2 are mostly in the CSS framework so your existing themes will either work without issue or require minor changes to work in the new version. Over the next several weeks we will be posting news entries with previews of upcoming features fairly often. Be sure to follow our News section, our Facebook, or Twitter to stay up to date. We expect IPS Community Suite 4.2 to be out in mid-2017 with a public preview available sooner. Everyone at IPS has worked very hard on this update and we think you will love it!
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    Video: 4.2 So Far

    This entry is about our IPS Community Suite 4.2 release I made a quick video to demo things we have already announced for 4.2 so far. Enjoy
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    This entry is about our IPS Community Suite 4.2 release IPS Community Suite comes with a default profile photo which is used when members have not set a profile photo for their account. While this model has served the software well for years, we felt it was time for an update to the software to keep pace with current internet trends. This has led to one of the latest changes you can expect to see with version 4.2: letter profile photos When upgrading you will be asked if you wish to use letter profile photos, or if you wish to stick with the generic per-theme default profile photo that is used presently. You can change your mind any time after upgrading by adjusting the setting in the AdminCP as well. AdminCP members list We have tested many languages to ensure maximum compatibility. The font used in the image is automatically selected based upon the characters to be written to the image, so sites that have more than one language will see compatibility for all of the profile photos that are created automatically. The colors are not set for each letter. You will notice in the screenshot that each "A" letter photo has a different color. They are chosen randomly when generated. Letter photos in a sidebar widget We hope that this change helps bring your communities to life with a little more style, flair, and uniqueness for each new user on your site. Developer Note The code is structured in such a manner that third party developers can further extend the feature with plugins. The methods for writing text to images are exposed through our central \IPS\Image class introducing new possibilities in your own custom code.
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    This entry is about our IPS Community Suite 4.2 release. Sometimes you may find situations where you want to highlight one or more replies to a content item to bring attention to a really great response. This is especially true on busy communities where you might have dozens or even hundreds of replies in a single discussion. There is now an ability for a moderator to Recommend a reply (or multiple replies) and even leave an optional note explaining why they think you should view that post. Moderator Permission Optional note for recommended reply When a reply is Recommended you will see a snippet at the top of the content item along with the optional moderator note and a link to jump right to that reply. A topic with a recommended reply. You can Recommend more than one reply and this feature works through IPS Community Suite in forum topic, blog entries, gallery images, and so on. You can set this permission along with other moderator permissions in the AdminCP. We really think this will allow moderators to bring attention to some of the best replies and guide users to the best content your community has to offer.
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    New: Device Management

    This entry is about our IPS Community Suite 4.2 release. One of our more technically-oriented features for 4.2, we have added more detailed logs of user logins, and the devices and IP addresses used. This brings several new features: Notification of a new device sign in If enabled, users can receive an email notification when a new device is used to log into their account: Email sent when a login from a new device is detected When a user signs in for the first time, a special key is set to recognise the browser on subsequent logins. This mean the notification email does not trigger on a new IP address, which would be annoying when travelling or if using a network where the IP address changes regularly. Instead, the notification is only triggered if someone signs into your account from a new physical device or web browser. UserCP Device Management If enabled, a new page will show in the user's settings page showing all the devices which have been used to log into their within the last 90 days (which is recent enough that could still be logged in if "Remember Me" was checked). Recently Used Devices Users can see the device, browser, physical location (obtained by a GeoIP lookup) and if applicable, how the login was processed (for example, if the sign in was with Facebook or Twitter, this will show). If they chose "Remember Me" when logging in, they can undo that (handy if you realise you accidentally left yourself signed in on a public computer). If they see anything they don't recognise, a page to walk them through the necessary steps to re-secure their account is available. Secure Account Information New Two-Factor Authentication Setting "Logging into the front-end" is one of the options of when to prompt for Two Factor Authentication. In 4.2, this has been separated into two distinct settings: Logging into the front-end from a new device Logging into the front-end from a known device If you enable the former, but not the latter, and the user has previously logged in devices, the system will automatically show an explanation to users alongside the other available recovery option. This can be useful especially if you do not want to offer other recovery options. AdminCP Device Management In the AdminCP, administrators can see all the device and IPs a member has used. They can also disable automatic login for any device. Edit member page shows most recently used device and IP address Viewing a device's details The system can also detect if another user is using the same device and will show this in the list of devices. Users sharing the same device
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    This entry is about our IPS Community Suite 4.2 release. Improving your SEO can be a complex undertaking with many different approaches but there are things that everyone knows are good practice and also more modern approaches to SEO that have changed since we first started developing IPS Community Suite. So it was time for a review and update. Unfortunately no pretty screenshots on this one as this is all behind the scenes stuff but still quite useful to know . Also, some of this may sound a bit technical and dry but feel free to search some of these technologies if you are curious. Move from HTML structured data to JSON-LD and enhance our existing markup with sensible additions. Calendar, blog, forum and pages (articles) data marked up for rich snippets. General review of our schema.org markup and enhance where appropriate. Use sitelinks search and other sensible markup such as the website and logo markup. Allow administrators to specify social profile links in the AdminCP which we then show links to in the footer and also make available in schema.org markup. Fix many duplicate page title issues. Review and ensure nofollow/noindex tags are used in appropriate areas. Add item tags as HTML meta tags Adding <link rel="next" value="next page url"> helps search engines know next/previous page. Nothing like a bulleted list of items to get you excited! But really these should be welcome improvements to all.
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    This entry is about our IPS Community Suite 4.2 release. I am sure we have all accidentally clicked delete on a post in your community and then realized you needed it. Luckily we now have Delayed Deletes to easily restore deleted content. Settings in AdminCP You can delete just as you normally do as you moderate and your posts will be removed just like now. The main difference is that you can now view recently deleted content and restore as needed in the Moderator Control Panel. Easily view what is pending delete All you have to do is click the deleted item and you will be taken to that item in context of where it used to be. This makes is much easier to understand why it was deleted and decide if you should restore. Restore and view deleted content in context Delayed Deletes is a feature that could be a life saver for your community and we cannot wait to get it out to you.
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    This entry is about our IPS Community Suite 4.2 release. Following on from our previous entry about the new Recommended Replies feature, we also have one more small feature change that will be very useful. Content Message is a small feature available in all IPS Community Suite content areas (forums, blogs, gallery, etc.) and allows a moderator to put a message at the top of any item. Topic with a moderator message This is useful if you have a special use for the area people are posting in, need to encourage conversation to stay on topic, or perhaps the conversation is becoming heated and you need to remind people to behave. Sometimes the smallest features can prove the most useful and already I have found myself reaching for this feature out of habit from using it on our test 4.2 installs and missing it on our production site. I cannot wait to have it available and I am sure you will enjoy the ability to add custom notes to any area of the Suite. Development Note For our power users: this feature and the Recommended Replies feature use a new content meta data capability. This allows you to store miscellaneous data that is attached to a content item which does not need to be otherwise searched or exposed unless you are viewing that item. We will provide technical details on this later but it is a really easy way to store data about content without having to create additional tables or methods.
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    This entry is about our IPS Community Suite 4.2 release. Social Sign In has long been a feature of the IPS Community Suite but we are always looking for ways to make interaction easier for your visitors. A small but significant improvement we are able to add for 4.2 is to include social sign in links directly at the point where your customers are ready to contribute. Hassle free inline sign in brings your customers right back where they need to be to comment Visitors are much more likely to comment when the registration process is as fluid as possible and social sign in has fast become a familiar and efficient way of doing so. After signing up via these methods users are logged in and brought right back to where they started ready to comment. Feedback from our testers has already shown that this change has an immediate effect on the volume of new registrations and we look forward to making it widely available with 4.2.
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    I try to forget I do those, and now you've just reminded me OK, here's a few of my cakes (it's a double-act, with my wife):
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    This entry is about our IPS Community Suite 4.2 release Improvements to our Gallery application, both in terms of new functionality and minor enhancements, are coming in 4.2. One area that was identified early on for improvement was the Gallery image view page and specifically how the lightbox feature available on this page behaved. We adjusted the buttons that overlay the main Gallery image to use icons instead of text If you click to view an alternative image size, we improved the header styling of this page as well for clarity and to allow easier downloading of the image you are viewing When viewing an image, you can open the image in a lightbox by clicking the icon at the very top far right corner. When doing so, there was previously a button at the bottom left hand corner of the lightbox if you wanted to download the image. We modernized this experience by implementing an overlay that you can click on in order to download the full size image instead. You will notice there are now left/right arrows in the lightbox view here. You can click left/right to scroll through the images in the container, just as if you clicked through the images in the photostrip immediately below the image on the main page. You can also use the left/right arrow keys on your keyboard. While this would navigate through the photostrip previously, it will now also navigate through the images in the lightbox as well. When viewing on your mobile device, the lightbox has been cleaned up allowing more image to display which is a welcome change for your mobile users. We have more changes coming to Gallery in 4.2 which we will be revealing soon but in the mean time we hope you enjoy these useful improvements.
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    Version 4.1.19 is now available in the client area! This release focuses on bug fixes and performance along with some new key features. Ability for members to lock and unlock their own content We've added a new group level option to allow members to lock and unlock their own content. This is disabled by default. Messenger Quota Display To help diagnose issues your members may find, we now display their personal message quota in the ACP. Default view for Activity Stream When creating a new activity stream, you can specify either expanded or condensed as the default view. This is especially handy for streams you wish to share with other members. Other key changes include: Performance and speed improvements. A new moderator setting to restrict users from ignoring moderators. A new group setting to hide a group from filters in search. When moving content moderators are now prompted for where you want to be redirected after the action. An email is now sent when an account is locked for too many bad login attempts. Check out the Release Notes for a full list of changes.
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    The last bit about showing multiple users sharing the same device is very important to me as an admin. Very nice addition! If you can take this one step further and create a page that shows ALL devices with multiple users, that would be an extremely useful report. This allows you to more easily catch people creating multiple accounts, especially handy to help catch trolls who are trying to evade a ban. Thank you!
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    This entry is about our IPS Community Suite 4.2 release. Recurring events are not new with IPS Community Suite but often you may wish to create similar events that don't necessarily occur on a regular schedule. Previously this has meant creating a new event for each and then manually re-entering the information for event description, location, cover photo, RSVP options and so on. Often the only thing changing between the events would be the date and time. Starting with IPS Community Suite 4.2 it is now possible to create a similar event based on one you have already added with a single action. Create a copy of an event in one simple step After opting to add a similar event you will be presented with the add new event form with all of the event info already filled out for you. Just set the date and time, make any required adjustments and submit your new event. Note: This option is only presented to the author of the original event in order to reduce visual clutter for regular visitors. We will be announcing many more interface improvements such as this in the coming weeks so be sure to follow the News & Updates section for updates.
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    Ssssh, don't tell them they should get paid.
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    The day we "finish" is the day we die. There is always something to improve on, add to, or a whole new concept to introduce. I often remind people that v3 looks dated on today's web because it is dated. Version 3 was started before the iPhone existed or Twitter and Facebook were everywhere. Hanging on to old concepts is comfortable but also self-defeating. You have to keep moving forward and that's what we always do.
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    We could just go through our "Remember that time when" list and regale everyone with the story behind each one. We could do it all official, like a serious conference. 8am Introductions 9am "Field of fire - safety in the workplace" - Lindy Throgmartin 10:30am "Strategies for checking the presence of WHERE clauses" - Matthew Mecham 12pm Lunch (Catered by Outback) 1pm "Personal Fowl - caring for your swans and roosters" - Lindy Throgmartin 3pm "Building relationships at work" - Mark Wade & Lindy Throgmartin END
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    I'm a gearhead. This is part of my shop. Another fun fact: I'm also a certified diesel heavy truck and firetruck technician. Obviously never worked in that industry professionally. Bet you didn't see that coming.
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    Version 1.1.0


    Pages SuperSlider is a versatile and customizable slider/swiper block template for Pages database blocks. Check out the live demo to see it in action. SuperSlider is fully responsive, touch-enabled for mobile devices and works in the main content column of single-column pages or in the sidebar. The appearance and functionality can easily be customized through dozens of options in the settings plugin. You can create any number of sliders and also combine them on one page. But all sliders will share the same settings. What’s needed: IPS 4.1 in its most recent version with the Pages application A pages databases that uses the stock Record Image field and has images with a sufficient resolution uploaded through that field. What’s included: The slider/swiper plugin which gives access to the settings and installs the jQuery slider and the CSS. The SuperSlider block template, which can be assigned to any Pages database block Detailed Feature Description and Notes: Pages SuperSlider is built with the IPS design framework and is therefore fully responsive and should be compatible with most well-coded/well-designed themes. The template is designed to work on single-column pages (with or without a sidebar) and in the sidebar. SuperSlider currently comes with these options: Block features: turn block headline on or off add padding around the slider choose background color Slider features: choose slider type: slide, fade, coverflow, flip add thumbnail navigation bar turn auto-play on or off set auto-play delay loop slides or stop at the end/beginning show or hide navigation arrows select arrow color show or hide dot navigation below the slides use dark or light mode for dot navigation use progress indication instead of dot navigation set slider to Right-to-Left mode Image settings: Image aspect ratio for main column Use thumbnail images in main column Image aspect ratio for sidebar column Use fallback image when records have no record image Text settings: Title alignment: left, center, right Title background color Title background opacity Support notes: If you change settings and don’t see an effect, wait until the caching time of your sidebar blocks has passed or remove the slider block and add it again to refresh its code instantly. The slider uses JavaScript and is based on the open source software Swiper (by iDangero.us). I only support the implementation of this slider module, not its own functionality. If the slider itself causes problems (e.g. doesn’t work properly in older browsers) or conflicts with other third-party software on your site, I cannot help you. I only support my own code used to implement the slider into the IPS Community suite.


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    Version 1.0.6


    This plugin will hide links, code, images in forum posts automatically. Members can LIKE or REPLY to see the hidden content. Features: - Select content to hide: images, external links, code, [hide] tag, attachments - Option to specify groups can bypass the hidden content. - Like or Reply to see the hidden content.


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    This entry is about our IPS Community Suite 4.2 release. There are many Calendar related improvements in 4.2 designed to make adding and engaging with events easier than ever before. First of these is Event Reminders. Reminders are easy to create. Simply use the Set Reminder button shown on all future events and specify when you would like your reminder. Choose when you would like to be reminded Changed your mind? Simply adjust the reminder or remove it altogether. Easily adjust existing reminders When the time comes a notification will be sent via the member's chosen email or inline method. Receive inline or email reminders using the standard notification settings Event reminders are a simple but often requested feature and we're excited to be introducing it with 4.2. Don't forget to follow the News & Updates section as we have many more announcements to help keep your members engaged.
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    I think because we're all remote, and because we're pretty flexible, work-life balance isn't too difficult to achieve. Basically, if life happens, even if it's at 2pm on a Tuesday, it's OK to go and deal with it. When you enjoy what you do, it doesn't really feel like a chore you're having to 'balance' anyway. To @Lindy / @Charles / @Matt's credit, IPS isn't run on a model of punch-in, punch-out, review hours, schedule this, schedule that, fill in this vacation form in triplicate etc. It's much more easy going. When you're given that kind of respect, you get it back in spades, imo. Work-life balance just happens naturally.
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    Version 1.3.4


    This is very simple chat system with the basic features: Ajax chat, auto update. Display as IPS widgets, so you can place it in sidebar or top page. Sound notification. User can toggle on/off. Admins/Moderators can block users. Users can ignore some chatters they don't want to see. Load more messages when scrolling end (or top). Announcement (on Top or Tab). Support emoticons, URL, Image URL (gif, png, jpg) @mention by clicking on usernames. Flood control. Bad word filters. Time format. Display newer messages in top or bottom. Permissions for viewing, chatting & management. Edit/Delete messages. Demo: http://ipsviet.com Don't ask me to add color or any formatting chat message... I like the simplest things.


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    The day I built a 3.x version and accidentally bundled a 3rd party product in the release. You didn't notice did you? I stopped short of giving away the entire marketplace for free though. I mean, that would be ridiculous wouldn't it?
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    We use a slightly temperamental but effective piece of hardware called "Charles".
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    This has been covered both in your support request and other topics. IPS4 does not release individual security updates, we require an upgrade. As you've noted, upgrades do require an active license. Most clients prefer to keep their installations secure and up-to-date and thus active anyway, so this is not an issue that one necessitates a separate development process solely for expired licenses. I know you're frustrated over your lifetime license. As noted in the ticket, you bought a license 13 years ago for $150 and had over a decade of updates and support, well beyond what most companies provide. When we decided to create the IPS4 platform, we made a generous offer to early adopters in the form of a $100 credit, which you accepted. This essentially means you got 13 years of product usage and development, but what amounts to a new $200 license for $50. I'm sorry for your disappointment, but I feel you've been adequately compensated for your loyalty and taken care of. If you would like further updates, including security updates, you will need to renew your license. It's still an incredible value for what you're getting. This has been discussed before and our policy has been made clear. If you have further concerns, you are welcome to update your ticket. Thank you.
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    After work I mostly just drink to recover.
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    Casually toss out the fact you own a jetski. 😂
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    Lets see. You can speak to each other like an angry drunken pirate with a profanity collecting hobby and no one bats an eye lid. You get to poke fun at anyone regardless of position or job title. You have epic 90 minute calls where you can't breathe because you're laughing too much. Yeah. Best job ever.
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    You'll be happy to know that we're introducing a delayed deletes system in 4.2. More information will be forthcoming soon.
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    DO IT!!! :-) I have owned a forum for the last 10-years I have been very limited with PHP and what can and can't realistically be done with it. I moved over to this software just under a year ago, and the activity has gone through the roof, more members are joining faster, and I am spending 90% less time on tec faults. Im my opinion, The Software, The Support, and the community of amazing 'app makers' that can be found here is a MUST for any community owner. I have no commercial, or personal contact with the company. Do feel free to check out why I am so happy, if you are considering moving over. Paramotor Club is our site. Many thanks to all involved! Simon W.
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    Hi guys. I don't know if someone has already suggested this in the past. I used the search a bit, but I didn't find anything. Yesterday I was considering again ways to improve my communities and this idea came again to my mind because I have discussed it with a few friends. I'm convinced it's a good option. The issue here is, why do forums are less and less used everyday ? Well, for me it happens the same with photography. Why do bridge cameras are less and less used every day ? The answer is pretty simple, we are dealing with a new generation of people that use the phone, instead of a full computer. The same way people don't need bridge cameras because they have phone cameras, they don't need forums because they have "messaging applications". How can we make forums look more appealing ? well, let's disguise them and turn some forums into conversations. Ok, now I know what you are going to say... "we have the mobile template". Yes, the mobile template is a good step, but it's not enough. IT's a good step to read a classic forum in an easier way. IPS is closing chat because people use the chat less and less. Real time chat is not something people need or use in a forum (they already have the applications in their phones), people hate he word chat nowadays anyway. People don't like to think they are chatting. People like to think they are using hte phone to communicate with other people, with friends etc. you need a new type of forum that looks like a messenger screen, You need to create a forum where you can start topics where people can join and participate the same way the do with their phones: skype, messenger, sms, line, whatsapp, telegram, etc etc. This: Where every line is a post comment. And every topic is like a group. Something that looks familiar. You could also add a feature where the topic author could join users (followers) to the conversation directly, just like whatsapp. With the correct template, you could turn a forum into a messanger system. Just keep it simple. In fact, I'm sure a skilled template creator could use CSS to do something similar with IPS 4, So why not having something like this by default ? With the mobile template Now we get something like this: The above picture is taken from one of my communities. Can you see how many useless & wasted white space we have in the mobile template ? But if you disregard many forum options like "likes, edits, quotes, post count, member group, reputation" etcc, you could turn a topic into a simple chat with only names & avatar pics & the message. We just need Avatar, name, message & timestamp. and force people to write less with a smaller text box like phones. People could use a forum & topics like any other of their messaging systems. Can you see in this picture how many more comments skype uses in one screenshot, for example in the mobile device: I'm not saying convert the mobile template into this. The mobile template has its own purpose. What I say is, the same way we have 2 types of forums now: classic forums & Question and Answer Forums. I'm convinced any Community need a chit chat forum or a new type of topic that behaves and looks like a messaging window for mobile, tablets and why not ? also PC. It's a new feature, but a feature that makes absolutely sense to people that uses phones. Thanks for reading this and sorry for my English, I know it's not perfect but I tried to be clear.
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    I don't think I've seen a thread for this on here before, so I thought I'd start one for fun. Here's my current workstation to kick things off: (Ultrawide monitors are heavenly)
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    We also sometimes purchase add-ons and bill the customer. The bottom line is that we ensure the contributor gets paid and we do not download things for free for customers. 👍
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    We've done rounds of "Ask IPS" in the past and have always found it to be an exciting way to give you all a glimpse into the behind the scenes of the company and the awesome people behind it. With that, we welcome you to once again give us your questions... "what's Lindy like to work with?" (spoiler: "awesome!") "is Charles really a robot?" (spoiler alert: "yes.") We look forward to sharing Matt's deepest and darkest secrets.
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    Sounds great! Do not forget to add it as a filter in Acitivity Stream Some additional ideas: Allow members to "Vote to recommend" and after X votes, the reply can be automatically recommended. I suppose @Kevin Carwile will make it available in the Rules app, but it would be nice to have it built in. The burden of selecting recommended posts shouldn't lie only on the shoulders of the moderators
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    I hear he is working on a new one, have you seen it?
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    How amazing are they! It puts a lot of professional cake makers to shame.
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    I talk with you people more than I talk with my own parents.
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    I love my job, and I'm fairly certain all staff would tell you the same.
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    Version 1.0.1


    Simple widget to display activity and online members on a discord server. The widget uses the wdiget.json api provided by discord: This widget requires that PHP cUrl extension.


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    Could you please elevate that second monitor so it's even with the first, then turn it so it isn't crooked? It's ruining my life.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Simple widget to list partners / sponsors for a site. Keeping the name for a Sponsor/Partner Empty does remove him after save. The current maximum is set to 20 partners/sponsors. YOU CANNOT EDIT THE WIDGET, ALL SETTINGS ARE DONE ON THE PLUGIN ITSELF! Adding more partners/sponsors will require to fill out the last partner/sponsor and then save, edit the plugin again and you will be able to add another one.


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    @Rikki If there is sweetness test yours cakes have speed 150/150 Congratulations I showed these cakes my granddaughter and she immediately said: - Grandpa, come make such a nice cake ...
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    We all like to pretend we're full stack, but Rikki is our design guru. All the devs apart from Rikki: Rikki: Marketing is all Charles.