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  • Lock & Unlock Messages By Tom Irons

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    This plugin will allow a select group of users to lock/unlock their own conversations. Also moderators that can lock/unlock All Content will be able to lock/unlock all conversations they are included in.
  • (DP41) Guest View Limits By DawPi

    Limit page views for guests in specified amount of time.

    bots can explore whole board without limits, enable/disable mod, set visit limit number and time, set error message, limit topics (or no). Version for IP.Board 3.x can be downloaded here.
    Due to the rework on this app (every new resource has to be done from the scratch to run on IPS4 and it was a hook on 3.4), a new purchase is required. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Member Map By stoo2000

    Member Map is an application that allows your users to put their (Exact or approx) location onto an interactive map. Member Map has a permission model so you can limit which groups can add to the map.

    As an administrator you have the ability to place custom markers on the map, for example if you would like to post the location of an upcoming meet.
    Member Map 3 has been kindly developed by @Martin A.. for the IPS Community. If you like the work that he has done on this app, please consider making a donation:
    If you find any bugs in this product, please report them to our GitHub Issue tracker
  • (NB40) Ads After X Posts By newbie LAC

    This plugin allow add inbuilt adverts after X posts
    Use plugin's settings (see screen) to configure posts and locations.

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