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  • German Language Pack for IPS Community Suite 4 (Deutsch DU)   By TheSonic

    German Translation for Invision Power Suite (IPS) 4, created for IPS4.2.x (tested succesfully with previous Versions)
    Deutsche Übersetzung für Invision Power Suite (IPS) 4 erstellt für IPS4.2.x (erfolgreich getestet mit vorherigen Versionen)


    THIS TRANSLATION IS FREE AND WITHOUT ADDS AND BACKLINKS - No need for paid Memberships. Feel free to register free at to discuss and receive support.

    (c) 2014-2017 by Alexander Mueller and the, eMail: 

  • (SD) Mass PM   By Spanner

    Application allows to send PM messages to selected grups with consideration additional groups. In addition you can use filtering: By posts (send message to members which white more/less post than…) By joined date (send message to members which joined before/after … hours/days/months/years) By last vist (send message to members which visit board before/after … hours/days/months/years)
  • Agile by IPS Themes   By Theme Tent UK

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  • Points Economy   By Kevin Carwile

    Synopsis Create as many different points currencies as you want to fill your needs Name each points currency uniquely with singular and plural formats Give any points currency an automatic prefix and/or suffix Points currencies can be configured with 0 to 5 decimal place precision Points currencies can be exchanged with each other by permission matrix Each points currency has its own exchange rate for points conversions Create different banks that members can transfer points balances between Set up interest rates on banks that allow members to earn dividends Set holding periods per currency and per bank to fit your goals Set minimum and maximum balance limits per currency per bank Members can send points to other members according to permissions All transactions are automatically logged to an account register for accountability Manage any points balance manually via the ACP Credit points balances using an expiration date that the points must be claimed by Debit points balances using an expiration date to set up a due period   IPS Commerce Integration   Points can be added to any commerce product to be delivered automatically when the product is purchased. Points are automatically debited if the purchase is cancelled. Points can be configured as a payment method for IPS Commerce. Members can use points to pay for products, while using your own custom exchange rate to determine how they are converted to real cash value. Automation Rules ECA's   Event: A transfer or exchange is completed Event: A credit has been claimed from expiration Event: A dividend has been credited for a balance
      Condition: A member/currency/bank balance combination is permitted Condition: A balance credit/debit transaction is permissable Condition: A balance transfer is permissable Condition: Check a member's points balance Condition: Check the member who owns a balance Condition: Check the currency of a balance Condition: Check the bank of a balance
      Action: Credit or debit a points balance Action: Transfer or exchange a points balance (between members, currencies, or banks)

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