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MSSQL (InstantForum) to IPB (MYSQL)

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Hi there,
Anyone who's got experience from converting InstantForum running on MSSQL to IPBoard (on MYSQL)?

I've tried myself with the MSSQL Driver for IPB 3.1.4 but not managed to get it right. It's complaining that some columns are nText and can't proceed.
Like this:

Error: 4004 - Unicode data in a Unicode-only collation or ntext data cannot be sent to clients using DB-Library (such as ISQL) or ODBC version 3.7 or earlier.

IP Address: - /admin/index.php?adsess=19475f8f5195c83c3bed9f2650c31ff1&app=convert&app=convert&module=board&section=instantforum&do=forum_perms&st=&cycle=100&total=6


MSSQL query error:

SELECT TOP 100 * FROM InstantForum_PermissionSets ORDER BY PermissionID ASC

I dont know enough about DB's to really know what to do about it. But with some googling I've managed to get around it by exporting the Table, editing the scriptfile and changed it to a NVARCHAR(MAX) and then recreated the table plus data with that modified script. It does not feel like the best or optimal solution. Especially not for the Threads/Posts table where I had to split the script file into multiple pieces or MSSQL Management Studio would crash...
OR would it be better to use FreeTDS instead of the IPB MSSQL Driver?

I'm unsure if it's related or not, but I also got some character conversion issues. Where all Swedish characters Å Ä Ö were replaced by garbage.
The MSSQL Database got Collation: Finnish_Swedish_CI_AS and I were unsure what to enter in the conversion tool, so I've tried to leave it blank and also use UTF-8 but I don't think there were any difference in result.

So is there anyone out there who's got some experience in this area and are interested in helping out. And of course get paid for it!

// Markus

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I did manage to convert all the stuff after changing the column types, and it looks like the codepage is correct in MYSQL but it still shows up wrong in PHP which I guess is something that I can sort out later.
BUT .... I noticed that a lot, but not all, posts has been truncated to 250-260 characters. Though there are a few posts that still got all content in the post.
I can see that the full post exists in MSSQL but in MYSQL it's truncated, and the type is MEDIUMTEXT (A string with a maximum length of 16777215 characters) so I don't think it

Anyone noticed anything similar when converting from any other forum to IPB? Or who might be able to give me some hints on how to troubleshot this? :)

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