Product Modifications (3.x)

Keep in mind that IPS cannot support your community if you modify its code. Enter at your own risk, etc.

Modification of the code in IPS software is done at your own risk.

If modifications cause issues, our technical support staff can only suggest you reupload the unmodified source files to fix the problem. If reuploading the unmodified source files does not address any issues caused by modification, IPS support staff will not be able to assist further.

Although we do our best to provide reports on the changes to our products between versions so modifications can be adapted, it may be difficult to upgrade IPS software that has been modified at the PHP code level. Any advice, assistance, recommendations, or code provided within this area is not supported by IPS. It is your responsibility to judge if the information is safe and from a reliable source.


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  3. Developers: Help with Creating Modifications

    If you are currently developing a mod and are looking for feedback, feature suggestions, beta testers, and the like, please post your topic in here.

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