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This Is A Fully-Featured Statistics Application offering At-A-Glance Quick Statistics, In-Depth Statistics By Installed and Enabled Application with an extensible interface to add more applications, and A Clean Ajax-powered Frontend.
Control who may view the aplication with groups configuration, including secondaries.
The Ability to Cache the results sets processed but *not* the HTML is provided.
Disable Plugins at whim.
Mobile Skin Support.
Control how many items are shown in all 'top' 'feeds' from the 'minimal' 1, to the fairly heavy(without caching) 25.
Control Truncation of these statistic 'content' item lengths shown for the application(members blocks are not affected).
Translate Tabs Separately from the Application Title, if desired.
Translate the H1 tag of 'Tab' pages Separately, if desired.
The Application Tab's Dynamic Updating of the title, h1 tag and breadcrumbs without page refresh will be honored in these cases
At this time, Forums, Downloads, Content, Blogs, and Members Statistics Extensions are provided.
Stats Include:

  • Total Posts
  • Total Replies
  • Total Topics
  • Average Posts Per Day
  • Average Replies Per Day
  • Average Topics Per Day
  • Total Categories
  • Total Boards
  • Top Boards By Topics(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Boards By Replies(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Topics By Replies(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Topics By Views(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Topics By Rating(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Posters(Respects Permissions)*


  • Most Online Time
  • Most Online Count
  • Total Members
  • Latest Member
  • Average Registrations Per Day


  • Total Files
  • Total Categories
  • Total Downloads
  • Average Files Per Day
  • Average Downloads Per Day
  • Latest Author
  • Latest File
  • Top Categories By Files(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Categories By Views(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Categories By Downloads(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Files By Views(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Files By Downloads(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Files By Rating(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Authors By Download(Respects Permissions)*


  • Counts of Database Categories and Records(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Databases By Submission(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Categories By Submission(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Submissions By Views(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Submissions By Comments(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Submissions By Rating(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Authors By Submissions(Respects Permissions)*


  • Total Blogs
  • Total Entries
  • Total Comments
  • Average Blogs Per Day
  • Average Entries Per Day
  • Average Comments Per Day
  • Latest Blogger
  • Latest Blog
  • Top Blogs By View(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Blogs By Comments(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Blogs By Rating(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Entries By View(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Entries By Comments(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Entries By Rating(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Bloggers By Entries

Gallery 5.0.2+**

  • Total Categories
  • Total Albums
  • Total Images
  • Total Comments
  • Total Views
  • Total Gallery Size
  • Average Albums Per Day
  • Average Images Per Day
  • Average Comments Per Day
  • Average Views Per Day
  • Average Space Used Per Day
  • Top Categories By Albums(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Categories By Images(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Categories By Comments(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Albums By Images(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Albums By Comments(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Images By Views(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Images By Comments(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Images By Rating(Respects Permissions)*
  • Top Uploaders

  • **You may use this application with a lower Gallery version installed, due to a furl bug, this statistics extension only supports Gallery 5.0.2+ and thus the tab and plug-in file will be disabled on a lower version.
    * If you do not disable application caching, these will respect the permissions of the user to trigger the cache when pulling result sets for application tabs for the time specified in settings.
    This does not affect any custom checks or parsing done in templates, merely a minimal necessary data used in the templates from the generated results are stored to be passed back to the templates from cache.

What's New in Version 2.0.1   See changelog


Multiple Blogs Extension issues resolved. issue with top submitters in content resolved. Vetted 3.4 compatibility. Branding Removal.

User Feedback

This app would be brilliant if you could choose forums not to include. Trash forums, for example, collect all topics from other forums, so it appears atop the list. Other than that, great stuff.

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