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This Hook Will allow you to create and use custom Content Articles/Database submission forms per Database/Category.
Tired of ripping up your skin to Customize a single database, or category submission form?
Enjoy Ultimate control of your IP.Content Database, Articles, And Category Submission Forms.
Features Include:

  • Native Template Help Relevant to the Form Templates.
  • A Stock Form Template upon adding a Form Template for both Databases and Articles, to give a quick jump-start into template modifications.
  • Lightweight: Uses native skin Template data and IP.Content Template Compilation.
  • Control: Choose whether to use the stock recordForm skin template, or a custom form template for any Database, Articles, or any Category individually without needing to dive into the skin to make heavy modifications with checks and additional skin templates.
  • Full control of the end user experience to both provide them with the best possible interface, and to help guide them through the creation of higher quality content via a purpose built submission form instead of a generic, user unfriendly stack of boxes they have to fill out.
  • Upgrade Content a Minor Point Version? No Problem! The default template on add, and used for comparing differences and revisions will always properly reflect the current version's stock.

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


Made Revert/compare differences/default template pull from ccs_root_templates.xml recordForm to alleviate version differences and reduce maintenance.

User Feedback

For admins and developers working on building complex IP.C databases, ESPECIALLY if you are going to have different fields in different categories of a database this is an absolute MUST HAVE. It interfaces totally cleanly into IP.C, and functions exactly like a native part of the IP.C database templating system. Seriously, once you use this you can't believe that IP.C shipped without it!

What it does:

This mod adds a new TYPE of templates to the IP.C Database template system called simply Forms. You can use the provided default as a starting place to build totally custom submission form templates for every single custom IP.C Database template, and even every CATEGORY of every database! It was possible to do this before, but setting up the system involved some tricky work with manually creating new IPS (Not IP.C) templates and setting up case statements in the default form template to redirect to the various ones you manually created. It worked, but it was terribly fragile when you started updating IP.B and IP.C to new versions and you had to handle all the maintenance yourself. This single mod take care of all of that in a super clean and intuitive way.

If you have any idea what I'm taking about in this review you absolutely owe it to yourself to buy this mod. The hours you save will EASILY be worth the cost, not to mention the reduced back pain from hunching over the keyboard. ;)

Why would you need custom forms per database or per category? Well to save some typing I'll crib off one of my older posts on the subject:

As sometimes an example of real wold usage can illustrate a need better than a simple description of the need I submit the following:

We're building a system where people submit their home renovation projects by creating an entry in a custom IP.C database.
There will be separate categories for the different (functional) rooms in the house; Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, Bedroom, Dining Room, Childrens Room, Office etc.

Now many of those rooms will have data fields that they have in common:

Cost of renovation
Time involved
Whether it was DIY or Professional
Type of flooring
Decorating Style (Modern, Traditional, Coastal, Art Nouveau etc)

Some groups of rooms will share data elements that are common to them, but do not exist in others, for instance both Bathrooms and Kitchens will have Faucet and Sink info, but a bedroom or Home Office will not.

However many of them will have data entry requirements that are unique to that particular space:


Gas or Electric Range
What type of Countertops
Cabinet Doorstyle
Whether there is an island or not


Full or 1/2 bath
What type of Tub
Shower type
Toilet make/model

Home Office:

Number of people who work there
What type of business is conducted

Now when you add up ALL these various fields for ALL the rooms it comes to a total of well over 100 fields. But when submitting an entry for a Living Room remodel, it would be a horrible user experience to present the member/author with a huge scrolling list of fields that have nothing whatsoever to do with their particular submission. As good web designers we also have a focus on crafting the data entry experience so that the form is laid out for good usability and intuitive use, and not just as a single column of identically styled entry fields. All the entries need to be in a single DB not individual DBs for each room type for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which is that people will be running searches to see ALL rooms where a given product, floor type etc are used.

There's a nearly infinite number of reasons why you would want to customize the entry form on a per category basis. smile.png


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Can you set a permission with this so that those who submit into a particular category can only see their record? I tried doing this with the default permissions on IP.Content databases and you cant do it.

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[quote name='Alderman' timestamp='1342590687']
Can you set a permission with this so that those who submit into a particular category can only see their record? I tried doing this with the default permissions on IP.Content databases and you cant do it.

this would need custom code to apply to the sole database to be affected, and is beyond the scope of this modification.

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