Minimum Posts to Use Fast Reply 1.0.1


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About This File

This is a very basic hook that will remove the Fast Reply from Topic View for those who have less than the configurable amount of posts.

Installation and Documentation (like it's needed... there's only one setting lol) are included in the Download, in the install.txt file.

The hook is very basic in nature, and may be expanded in the future. It was just something I quickly wrote. Note, that there is a bug in IP.Board in regards to the mobile skin that requires a bit of a workaround. I've added code to workaround the issue, and to pre-emptively adjust itself for the next version when the bug is fixed (assuming it's fixed in 3.3.2 - at time of writing, the issue is still confirmed.)

Of course, if it's not fixed in 3.3.2, I'll release a new version as necessary.

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


Fixed missing settings issue.

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