IP.Downloads File Merger 1.0.0


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About This File

Allows you to merge 2 IP.Downloads files together. Offers group settings to only allow selected members the ability to perform this action. Merging the files should take all of the data related to one file and move it into the record of another file. So all things like the actual file people can download, screenshots, comments, likes, ratings, revisions, etc., will be taken from one file and be added into the other. The support topics should be merged, and any paid file info should be updated (those who bought either file will be showing as having bought the resulting merged file, the payment terms of the 'parent' file will be the ones retained).

Please be advised that there is NO UNDO for this operation, so access to perform this should be given out carefully, and should any mistakes occur the only way to undo the changes is to restore a backup of the altered data. Also please note that after a merge occurs, you will still likely want to edit the resulting file to properly clean up things like which files and screenshots to retain, custom fields, and saved revisions to keep.

User Feedback

I have so many of your mods on my board, it's like you read my mind and know just what I need :lol: Thanks for all your hard work!

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