This file is not compatible with IPS4. Please check compatibility with your version before purchasing or downloading.

Hilight BBCodes


10 Screenshots

About This File

A pack of nine very simple highlight bbcodes comprising of the following colours:

Black, Blue, Cyan, Green, Magenta, Orange, Red, White, Yellow

Instructions for their installation, usage and un-installation can be found in each appropriate folder along with a preview screenshot. :smile:

User Feedback

[quote name='Deano©' timestamp='1329148470']
Nice one Andy :smile:

Thanks. They should hopefully be useful / provide a starting point for a colour tweak etc. The point of the white one mainly is for a darker background skin, was a kind of last minute addition.

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I was asked a while back if this would work on a legacy board and yes it will. Put some screenshots into the support topic to confirm, it worked on 2.3.x at least without any problem.

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Thank you Andy, got it and it looks great!

​You're welcome. And yes it does work on legacy versions if required.

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