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Single Use License Keys (SULK)
Add-in for IP.Nexus v1.4.x/1.5.x
What is it?
SULK is a method of supporting the use of license keys generated prior to sale. IP.Nexus generally creates a license key at sale time but this does not cater for the case where a non-PHP key generator is used or that the keys are purchased from a supplier for re-sale.

How it works
You create your product in IP.Nexus and use the SULK licensing method. Then you visit the SULK application select ‘Add keys’ and the relevant product, copy & paste the block of keys and press ‘Add Keys’. SULK automatically sets the IP.Nexus stock level so that clients can not buy if there are no keys available.

SULK Overview
The overview page allows you to see how many keys that have been issued and the remaining keys that are free to be allocated for sales. If you select the product name a list of each key and its status is available for you to peruse.

Key Suffixes
In addition to adding predefined license keys you may also add a ‘suffix’ to be appended to the key so that the chance of a duplicate key being issued by multiple vendors is avoided. As an example our product ‘Widget’ is sourced from another company who issue us with ten keys at a time like;

9002 9003 9004 9005 9006 9007 9008 9009 9010

Now if another company we deal with issues the same keys IP.Nexus will be unable to handle the duplication. So when SULK adds the key it will automatically append the suffix, so in our ‘Widget’ case we set the suffix to ‘ (Widget Key)’ notice the space before the ‘(‘ when the first key is generated for a sale the license code will be;

9001 (Widget Key)

Use of suffixes is totally optional, but please remember keys are not re-generated so if you may need to differentiate products do it at initial setup.

Copy the files in the distribution file to your forum, if you have changed your admin directory you will need to make sure you upload the files to that directory.

Run the application installer as per normal.

If you want to remove the application please make sure that you change all existing SULK licensed products in your IP.Nexus packages to a different licensing method.

IP.Nexus Upgrade Policy

In order to avoid a yearly renewal fee this add-in is specifically for IP.Nexus v1.4.x/v1.5.x & IP.Board v3.2.x/v3.3.x a new version of IP.Board/IP.Nexus beyond that may result in a new purchase of SULK. The price has been kept low with this in mind.

SULK was jointly developed by JLogica & Marcher Technologies.



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Just wanted to say we recently used this for a promotion we did for PlayStation for their event in Vegas and it worked flawlessly 

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