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This is an application that allows you to create multiple countdowns placed around the board at your choice. The type of countdowns can be anything from a global happening, a local gathering with your members or any other kind of events, your sites anniversary, airing of a TV show, or pretty much anything else you would want to count down to.

Features [*]The initial placement for the counters are the top and bottom of the page, and in the board index sidebar. Others can be added on request. [*]Group, forum and IP.Content pages restrictions. [*]Post embedding. Using IP.Board's "Shared Media" feature, you can add a countdown to all the official addon applications, and a lot of unofficial ones as well. All members can share a countdown that is enabled and they are allowed to see as per the group restriction. [*]Experts only: [*]Custom style formatting. If you want to change the color, or the font size, this is easily doable if you know a little CSS. [*]Change the layout and format of the counter
As this is the first release of this application, more features will be added in the future based on requests from you, the users.

Common Error
There have been reports from users that get errors about missing templates after installation. Follow these steps to attempt to fix that:
Go to Look & Feel > Template Tools > Rebuild Master Skin Data, tick off "Rebuild HTML" and "It's the Final Countdown", and click "Rebuild".
Once that's completed, rebuild the skin cache for all your skin sets (on the same page).

Compatibility: IP.Board 3.4

What's New in Version 1.2.1   See changelog


Bug fixed not working on chrome browser.

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User Feedback

Very polished application :) Setting it up and getting it running was a breeze! Great for really any type of forum. Good job Martin!

[quote name='boboss78' timestamp='1323027958']
same thing for ip content, and it will be perfect

It works in IP.Content ;)

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[quote name='boboss78' timestamp='1323027958']
same thing for ip content, and it will be perfect

Please post in the support topic, this section is only for reviews, and all reviews are moderated. Will take time to finish this conversation here.

But as Mikey said, it do work for IP.Content, kind of. I am not an IP.Content user, so I wouldn't know what you'd want for it. Possibility to restrict to pages/databases? Content block?

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