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with this block you can display a sliding message box to your new visitors with any content you wish. (for example: reason to registor, check you back, new products, announcements, etc


Features [*]set it ON/OFF [*]choose cookie expiry time [*]configure the message width and height [*]configure the position of the message [*]set animation time [*]configure the content of the message, title, and buttons texts and links [*]configure your targeted group/s [*]configure your targeted forums [*]configure your targeted apps [*]specify how much delay time until the message shows [*]dim background to emphasize the content of the message [*]demo mode

What's New in Version 1.6.1


bug fixes

User Feedback

I have removed several comments related to the ability to purchase this modification. Any issues related to purchasing a script, if they occur through our marketplace, are things we need to address and not the author. Please submit a ticket to your client area in the future if you have trouble purchasing a modification, or downloading a modification you have purchased.

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[quote name='flash_merged' timestamp='1339715383']
Does this work with 3.3.x?


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