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This Is a Set of IP.Content Article Templates That Adds Fully Language Abstracted, Setting-controlled "Temperatures" ("HOT", "WARM", "COOL", "COLD", "°" Language Bits For this in ccs/public_lang )
Features Include:
Settings for the Article Pane heights, Overflow values, Minimum Thresh-Holds for "COOL", "WARM", and "HOT"
The Single-column, 2-column Templates, Archives, And View Templates all have Functional Ratings(for members, if enabled) and ipsBadges with tooltips displaying the Comment Count, View Count, and Rating Hits.
Flows Well With Any Skin.
A "Hottest" Article Image Slider Block.... CSS Is EXTREMELY Minimal, Uses Prototype-Based Script and Vertical Tabs.... No Limit to amount of article images it can Hold, Only Shows Articles With the Article upload field used, so no blanks 





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version 1.0.1 has been reworked to use Topic Ratings when the article has an associated topic.
Version 1.1.0 has been hooked for a simpler install, the "temperatures" are usable in any ipcontent database via a simple, and explained parse template call addition

What's New in Version 1.2   See changelog



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I'd like to know if you know this problem and if I have to worry about. I noticed that the number of visitors of this article is growing very quickly and the number of visits do not match. All other items seem to work well only seems to be crazy.
you can find it here

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