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Just like the free sidebar support count hook that comes with the Nexus package, except that this will display the count on the mod tools bar near the ACP link.

Clicking the text will take you into the ACP, Nexus App, Support Requests area.

Respects the security option of not supplying an ACP link, so if the board is set to not use use the ACP link, then the text will not be clickable.

Will work with both IP.Board 3.1.4, 3.2.x and 3.3.x.
Screenshots are of 3.1.4 and 3.2.0 versions of IP.Board.

When installing, do not upload the contents of the 'upload' folder unless the images are failing to show. The install part of the script attempts to handle the process for you.

IMPORTANT: Version 32105 has only been lightly tested.

Classic mode
Will show support count only, in white text if no tickets are open. Red/bold/underlined if there are tickets waiting for a response. (Classic mode will cause the other settings to be ignored.)

Critical and total counts
For support counts, will show critical/total counts, so you know if any of the open requests have elevated severity. Also, choose which severities are considered critical.

Always show
Choose to always show the different counts, even if the count is zero.

Choose what extras to include
Pending payouts, pending shipping orders, hosting errors and transactions. With transactions, it will show those on hold with the option to include those under review or pending payment.

ACP restrictions now honored
If someone doesn't have access to something. For example, if someone doesn't have access to hosting error logs and there are pending errors, they won't see the hosting icon.

If you find any bugs, please report them in the bug tracker on my site.

Pricing and Licensing Information
You may use this hook on as many sites as you own and for as long as you own those sites. If you sell or give away a site, the hook must be removed from that site. Renewal is optional for updates and support. You may not distribute, redistribute, share, sell, resell, 'lend', demo or in any other way make this file available for others to obtain or use.

Please click here to...opy of the EULA

What's New in Version 32105   See changelog


UPD: Changed how images are handled. Sort of a fix but tries harder to make images available. FIX: Above update made it possible for ACP links to be generated even when ACP links were supposed to be disabled. ADDED: Provide a fix to account for a bug in IPB 3.3.0 where links wouldn't work properly. The bug is fixed in IPB 3.3.1. Also made a change to account for another IPB bug that's being labeled as 'not a bug' despite it being a bug. NOTE: 32105 has been very lightly tested.

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