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Classifieds 1.2.1

$35.00 · Renewal Term: $10.00 per 6 months

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Classifieds enables your members to list items for sale directly within your community. Free your forums from the clutter of messy for sale and wanted topics. With IP.Nexus integration, benefit from yet another way to monetize your community. [*]Admin configurable categories. [*]Adverts auto-expire according to their package duration. [*]Give your members the opportunity to re-list their items for free or at a reduced rate. [*]Built in support for category custom fields allowing you to tailor Classifieds to your niche. [*]Customiseable Latest Ads sidebar hook to give adverts maximum exposure. [*]Fully customiseable advert types (For Sale, Wanted, Exchange etc.) *New [*]Featured adverts *New
Tightly Woven into IP.Board's Core Features

Built in support for (but not limited to); [*]Notifications [*]Item Marking [*]Search/View new content [*]Report Center [*]Friendly URLs for best SEO [*]Mobile Skin [*]RSS Export [*]Shared Media *New [*]IP.Content Feed Block Support *New [*]Classifieds specific content in user profiles *New
Nexus Integration

Add multiple packages and charge for your listings at varying price points to suit your users. Listing packages allow you to choose whether or not specific member groups should need to pay to advertise and also whether adverts will be billed at a flat rate or according to the value of the item being sold.


Support is renewable for only $10 on a six-monthly basis. With active support you will have continued access to product upgrades and support. If you choose not to renew, Classifieds will continue to function and you can renew at any time without penalty to regain access.
Since the popularity of this application has increased, support is now available via PM to make sure no issues are missed. Please feel free to PM me at any time with any issues or queries you may have.

What's New in Version 1.2.1   See changelog


Maintenance/Bug Fix Release

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User Feedback

[quote name='wmarcy' timestamp='1323823017']
Any dates for an update?

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I have a problem with the 'Personal Photo' showing up to big when viewing an advert, is there a way to force the width of this image?

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[quote name='JaguarForum' timestamp='1327405727']
I have a problem with the 'Personal Photo' showing up to big when viewing an advert, is there a way to force the width of this image?

Please use the Support Topic for assistance. :)

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Just purchased recently and didn't realize there was no "open" support topic available here any longer. What happened?

Is this no longer supported? If it is, then where? Here?

Where do I purchase the copyright removal? I need this before I install. Please post the link.

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CallieJo: Check the last post in the support topic, here:

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I just wanted to say that this addon is amazing and smart!

I love it! The way it integrates with Nexus is brilliant! The way it utilizes the profiles is perfect! And the settings are super easy once you play around a bit.

The only thing I am lacking is ability to purchase copyright removal, requested in pm.

I would recommend this addon to anyone. It fills the need Nexus (though very powerful) lacks for your members to sell tangible goods. (intangible items use IP.D)

It took me a long time to purchase this because I wasn't sure if Nexus would come out with something and I wasn't sure if Classifieds was too complicated. I'm glad I took a chance.

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