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First of all let me say that there is no way all the proxy servers can be blocked as there are millions of them out there. This hook is tested with a dozen proxies and it stopped 9 out of 12. Only 3 slipped through.

Another thing to consider is that some Universities, Companies or Countries, like Singapore for ex, access the web through a gateway proxy. So users coming from that country or using Pc's from Universities, Libraries or Companies that get access online through proxies will be blocked. It may affect some AOL users too.

So please keep these things in mind before you purchase this hook.

That said, this hook will block ports 80 and 443 which are regular open proxy ports. After you install the NoProxyreg.xml file through Manage Hooks in your Admin Panel, you can configure it at the System Settings. There you will see a new setting called NenaDice. Click on it and configure the hook to your needs. There you can enable/disable the hook and enter your own custom error message.

Also added an option to exlude certain proxy servers based on their remote ip addresses.

Updated the hook to include blocking of extra proxy servers header requests sendings.

The hook is compatible with 3.3.x as well.

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