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This app is meant to act as an Activity Stream, similar to Facebook. The feed will include EVERYTHING (or as many different actions as possible). A list of supported actions is below.

NOTE: This application is compatible with IPB 3.x. The v4 version can be found at https://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7635-social-stream/.

- Admin Module - manage configuration settings, as well as settings for individual RSS feeds

- Public Module - new tab on the board called "News Feed".
Shows all updates
Allows members to filter activity by their friends or by all members
Integrated with IPB's reputation system
Allows members to comment on some types of feed records
The screen will refresh with the latest content. The Refresh Rate is configurable in the System Settings.

- Profile Tab - new tab on member's profile called "My Feed"
Will display all updates made by that member

- Sidebar block -
Will display all updates made by all members

- Portal plugin -
Will display all updates made by all members

- UCP - new section in the UCP for News Feed settings
Members can show/hide each kind of update
Set the maximum number of updates to show

- System Settings - in ACP
Customize the global feeds (sidebar block, portal plugin, guest view) and show/hide each kind of update
Set Refresh Rate (in seconds) for global feed
Show/hide filter tabs
Show/hide sidebar block
Show/hide portal plugin
Set maximum number of records to show in global feed
Set maximum number of records to show in sidebar block
Set maximum number of records to show in portal plugin
Set maximum number of records to show in profile tab
Enable/disable each kind of update - when an update type is disabled, it will not be stored in the feed AT ALL. This means that members will not have access to it either. They will not be able to customize it in their UCP, etc.
Retention period - how long should the system store updates
Cache Time - how often global feeds should be re-cached

Supported Update Types:
New account
New Topics
New Posts
Profile Comments
Status Updates
Status Comments
Display Name Changes
Photo changes
Sig changes
Group changes
Generic profile update

IP.Blog Integration: new blog entries, blog comments
IP.Calendar Integration: new events, updated events, event comments
IP.Content Integration: new database records (including articles), new comments (including articles)
IP.Downloads Integration: new files, updated files, file comments
IP.Gallery Integration: new albums, new images, image comments

Additional Comments:
The feed will be pruned regularly to prevent it from becoming too large. This is configurable in the System Settings.

What's New in Version 4.2.7   See changelog


  • No changes to this version. Just re-uploading the file after Marketplace issues.

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User Feedback

This News Feed is amazing for any Community Board. It is absolutely perfect for managing the latest activity specific by user-request and it even has a automatic refresh with lots of customization settings. Definitely worth the buy and install!

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[quote name='Eric Allione' timestamp='1347278847']
I just bought this but I have 3.3.4 and your instructions are not a logical fit with the 3.3.4 skin.

You said to find this line: <!--::recent_topics_discussions_last_x::-->

And paste this line right underneath it: <!--::newsfeed_getFeedData::-->

The problem is that under look & feel > skin set > portal > skeleton template, there is no such line for recent_topic. I tried inserting the line anyway in various sections of the skeleton template but nothing would happen on the site. Maybe it would work if you know a different place to look, but I went to just about everywhere on the skin set and control-F wasn't able to locate a single 'recent'.

Do you have the Portal application installed on your site? If so, you should have a template bit called skeletonTemplate. Theoretically, you can insert that bit of code anywhere in the template bit and you'll be fine. In either case, the Portal piece is completely optional and is not required in order for the application to work.

Also... you won't see anything in the block until there has been some activity. If you've just installed, the feed hasn't captured anything yet, so there is nothing to show.

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I purchased the mod. but i think i misunderstood. I thought that the side-block auto-refreshes like the Facebook News ticker... It seems like it doesnt, only the "view all" page refreshes...

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