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This small script facilitates the conversion to IP.Board 3.x from InvisionFree by providing the correct empty database tables required.

This is usually required when converting from InvisionFree as the database backup as supplied expects an already existent 1.3 database to be present for the data to be inserted into. The script will create this for you and includes detailed step-by-step instructions to assist you.

Now updated to include the newer stopped_ columns as found in later IF databases.

Note this can be used to go from InvisionFree to IPS4 but you will require IPB3x to do this as you *must* convert to that first, then upgrade IPB3 to IPS4 as normal.

User Feedback

I used AndyF's tool in converting my InvisionFree board. Works like magic; easy and not a hitch. Whatever you use, I recommend to peruse the ACP settings carefully before you import the data, especially stuff relating to auto-deletion (e.g. auto-deletion of redirect links) in case you don't want stuff auto-deleted after transfer. I recommend changing such settings before or immediately after the import, and then go through with any recount/resych/rebuild/etc. if needed.

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