(Wolfie) CSEO redirect to IPB3 tool v31105


About This File

This requires that you have some sort of .htaccess knowledge and that you are currently using .htaccess

Rather simple. Upload the 'wolfurl.php' file into the same folder as 'conf_global.php' and configure the .htaccess file as follows:

* Use the .htaccess code as generated from within the ACP for using friendly URL's
* IMMEDIATELY after the RewriteBase line and before anything else, include the following two lines:

(Be sure to replace "/boardpath/" with whatever your rewrite base is set to. Example, if it's set to "/forums/" then use that instead of "/boardpath/".)
* Test to make sure it works.

As a recommendation, in the ACP, Settings, Search Engine Optimization, use the following settings:
* Redirect to new friendly URL format? YES
* Incorrect Permalink Handling Redirect to the correct link with a "301" header

Advanced usage
If you are redirecting from another folder/site, the wolfURL.php file is already set up to handle this without making any edits, you just need to tweak the .htaccess rewriterule to do it.
RewriteRule . /path/to/wolfurl.php?redirect=/path/ [L]
RewriteRule . /path/to/wolfurl.php?redirect=http://newdomain.com/path/ [L]

* Fixed an issue with the download URL's
* Added support for blog entries and (I hope) individual blogs
* Added portal.html to redirect to app=portal
* Updated regex (the 31104 version was causing issues)
* Changed <#NUM#> to <#VALx#> references to make it easier to expand
* Better checking for use of templates

* Attempting to convert to friendly URL's (not a great attempt though, please read the readme file)
* Support added for downloads-cat, blogs, file#, etc.
* Fixed 'gallery-cat' URL.

* Updated to handle gallery cat/image URL's

* Updated to handle URL's for files.
* Redirects using 301 (permanently moved) to help with search engines

v31101 Initial release.

RewriteCond	%{REQUEST_URI} ^/boardpath/(.*-([a-z]+|b[0-9]+-entry)[0-9]+|forums?|blogs?|downloads?|gallery).html

	RewriteRule	. /boardpath/wolfurl.php [L]

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