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With this hook you can show unlimited adverts in topic view in post template!
Installation: without any file or skin edits -> thanks to the new hooks system.

Features: [*]enable/disable mod, [*]enable/disable each advert, [*]ability to select forums and groups which will see adverts, [*]ability to set different titles to each advert, [*]ability to set different avatars for each advert, [*]ability to set after which post each advert should be add ( multi posts are allowed ), [*]ability to show adverts also before the last post in topic, [*]ability to show adverts only on selected or on all skins, [*]ability to choose in which way advert should be displayed: post row template or raw format. [*]Mod bases on cache and is most optimized - low or none additional load per topic view!

What's New in Version 2.1.6   See changelog


Fixed bug related to the displaying adverts one selected skin, Added avatar photo on mobile skin.

User Feedback

This mod is awesome!! So much better than the one nexus comes with! THANKS! you have helped to increase our mobile referrals 100%!!

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