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  • Enhanced AdBlock Blocker   By A Zayed

    With this plugin you will be able to detect AdBlock browser plugin that blocks your website ads. It will display a block message that will disable all website if the user didn't disable his AdBlocker.... This plugin comes with these features: 1- Select user groups that will be blocked if the enabled AdBlocker. 2- Choose if you need to cover website page by overlay black page and adjust its opacity + FadeIn time. 3- Choose if you need to disable the vertical navigation scroll bar. 4- Message Header Text. 5- Message Body Text (Full CKE). 6- Button Text. The block message will only disappear if the user disabled AdBlocker in his browser.   This's a very basic initial release, and it's planned to add more features according to your suggestions...
  • Cookie Notice   By -FP

    This plugin displays a cookie notice message popup. In the ACP you can set the message and specify an URL to read more about your cookies policy. You can also choose different styles and positions for the popup. Clicking the "Got it!" button sets a cookie to no longer show the message. You are able to block Google Analytics Cookie until the consent message is dismissed. There are language strings for the "More info" link, for the "Got it!" button, and for the message itself if you choose to use the translations. Powered by: - Now it's possible to use a local version of the JavaScript though. Compatible with Community Suite 4.1.15
  • Member & Staff Tools   By fosters

    This application provides useful user and staff functions and it is full compatible with the Community in Cloud Package providen by IPS.
    ( Special Offer for the first week  ; Regular Price will be 15$ )  Staff Features ModCP Validating Member Approval
    Your moderators will be able to manage the validating/approval waiting members on the frontend ModCP Account Deletions
    Your moderators will be able to handle the deletion requires from your members. A green dot will be displayed next to a members name in topics showing his online status Strikethought membername of banned members Member Features Account Deletion Request
    Your members will be able to request to delete their account, which your Staff can approve or cancel Member Report
    Your members will be able to report other members direct from their profile A new tab on a members profile will show how many posts the user made in each section
    Demo: Disallow Profile to guests
    Your members will be able to hide their profile from guests   If any actions are required, a new menu will appear to your moderators for quick access.
  • Two-step Verification for IPS Community Suite   By Milad

    Two-step Verification for IPS Community Suite Two-step Verification app ads an extra layer of protection for user accounts at your IPS Community Suite  4.1. This method of user authentication is used by all major websites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and many other websites. This method adds a second factor of user authentication, and allows users to access their accounts only if they 1) know their password, and 2) are able to provide a one-time password which is generated every 30 seconds by the Google Authenticator app. (Click for Android or iOS). So how this method works for IPS Community Suite? After installing the product, you can choose which groups are allowed to use this application. It has two settings per group, one for the front-end and one for the ACP. Users who have either of the settings enabled will see a red shield logo in the top user navigation bar. It draws their attention and invites them to check the application. Also they will have a link in the user drop-down menu that shows whether the protection is enabled or not. These two additional links lead to the following page: User can use Google Authenticator to scan the bar and then type the one-time password generated by GA to enable this protection for their accounts. User who successfully enable the protection will see this screen: If desired, users can type the one-time password generated by GA to disable the protection. The user drop-down menu will show the new protection state From now on, after every successful login into the IPS Community Suite, the user will be faced with this form in the front-end, the form can't be avoided or averted, a one-time password is strictly required.   Or with this form in ACP Uses can choose to trust the device for 30 days, during which they will not be asked to enter the one-time password again. Users can trust the device for the front-end or ACP separately. That means if you choose to trust the device on the front-end, you will be still asked to enter the OTP when you log into the ACP. Finally, if a user for some reason loses their phone, they can reach to you to reset their 2-Step Verification credentials. You can do it in ACP in one click You can also choose to force all admins to enable 2-Step Verification through settings. If enabled, admins will see this error and they can't do anything in ACP, same happens if you choose to enforce through the group setting shown above. For front-end enforcement, this message will appear. It's nor recommended to enforce the usage of 2SV on normal users though. Admin Rescue If for any reason you have lost your mobile phone and you can no longer access your IPS Community Suite. The solution is easy, and you need to do either of: 1) In your community root folder, find a file called: constants.php Add this line to the end of it: define('TWOSTEPSAUTH_DISABLED', TRUE); 2) If the file doesn't exist, then copy the file constants.php to your community root folder. And your IPS Community Suite will no longer ask you to enter your GA code.
    Go to your ACP and reset 2SV credentials for yoru account. You can delete the file or the line that you've added after you gain access. Conclusion We hope this application will add more security to your website. We recommend that you keep your server up-to-date with software and security fixes. Also make sure to install an SSL certificate, it's easy and free these days.

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