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  2. Yes, All themes on the demo page is upgraded to ips 4.2 I will update my files on marketplace the same day ips 4.2 come out
  3. Newsletters

    OK, this just did it again sending a double email 30 mins apart. Nothing in the logs. This newsletter doesn't write to the forum but the preview email was also sent twice.
  4. Agile by IPS Themes

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  6. Behemoth Theme [ support topic ]

    Is that the 4.2 version in the demo? O.O
  7. Bookmarks / Favorites

    Thanks for making this happen!
  8. Group Collaboration

    Well @Kevin Carwile, I finally decided to purchase the full Collabs version. Even though I might use Groups for something different on my site, there's no getting around the quality of your work (even if I will be pestering you with questions in the coming weeks ). I've tried your Rules app, and I know your work is rock solid, so I'm happy to support you.
  9. Bookmarks / Favorites 😎 Let's see how long @AndyF needs to approve it.
  10. T.I.T License Copyright Removal

    Thanks for providing this Taman. I was going to ask about this, but this solves that.
  11. Agile by IPS Themes

    Sorry for delay
  12. # of views not "viewable" when reading a topic

    Views aren't a reliable metric, because it doesn't/can't take guest page caching into account. I don't think we'd want to put more emphasis on them.
  13. Personal Messenger needs to go "Real-Time"

    The biggest issue is really the technology to do that. It would require additional server tools to what we already require, notably a socket server. There's a possibility that we could offer these kinds of things on our Cloud plans in future.
  14. Still eagerly awaiting a 4.x version
  15. Yesterday
  16. (SD) Board Life Counter

    I want this for 4.2x. ... thx.. .good idea
  17. Invite System

    I'll upload again tomorrow. Anyway, the issue only affects new installs with a high number of members. Actually you don't even need to update.
  18. Invite System

    Thx Adriano, but I cannot upgrade: 1C133/9 The application you uploaded cannot be installed because it is not a valid application, the archive is corrupt or the file and directory permissions in /applications do not allow it. You know why ? Thx for your help
  19. Oftentimes the best and most interesting content is specifically admin news, where I highlight new features, important announcements, or critical updates. For example, I use an IP.Pages database to feed a series of articles to my frontpage that cover both holiday wishes, topical news, community updates, and important webmaster news. All of those news have been vetted and written by me to appeal to a broad audience of both existing members and guests (since it's designed for my frontpage). And it makes sense to me that this specific category of Admin news be pushed to all of my social media accounts. This is why I think it makes sense to allow certain select categories to be auto-promoted. Finally, I don't think the biggest benefit of the new social media promote is to curate the best or most interesting news. That can already be done by manual intervention and I've always been able to copy and link to interesting content. I think the biggest benefit is to increase efficiency of promotions between our communities and social media accounts, so promotions can be auto-queued, auto-promoted, and auto-pushed. It helps community managers become more efficient so we queue up a dozen posts in advance and then go on about our merry way, knowing that we have plenty of content to feed into our social media accounts to stimulate activity and interest.
  20. # of views not "viewable" when reading a topic

    How are you displaying the number of shares?
  21. I'm implementing something similar for an app I need for my 4.2 site. Rather than posting new content immediately, I post the content to a virtual queue in a Redis database and run a cron job to wait on the queue and post it to the MySQL database. This means that notification emails are generated by the cron job and don't slow down the user at all. I use Redis to implement the virtual queue so the queue is lightning fast. Of course, if your site requires that the poster of new content be able to see the new content immediately, this might complicate a queuing solution like I'm pursuing. But, on my site, it doesn't matter if it takes a few minutes (or even a few hours) for the cron job to process the content and make it visible on the site. My cron job does synchronously wait on the Redis queue so it picks the content up immediately when added to the queue unless the cron job is busy processing previously queued content. In practice, the cron job posts the content immediately (or within a few seconds). So, +1 from me for 4.2 implementing asynchronous queues for updated/new content...
  22. Personal Messenger needs to go "Real-Time"

    I think that if you have an idea of exactly what this real-time Messenger is and how it would work, that you might want to try to convince a developer here to implement the app and post it to the Marketplace to be downloaded and installed on your site. I believe you can disable the built-in PM core component and just use this new app as a replacement.
  23. Member's Country

    Already has an option in the Account Settings for this.
  24. Fluid View Sidebar needs work

    I completely fail to understand why you wouldn't add this simple request. Hide/show level 3 and deeper forums in the sidebar. It seems so obvious to me that this is a good idea and doesn't change the sidebar at all on this site (only for sites with 3 or more levels of forums). Another simpler alternative might be to allow the admin to set the max depth for this sidebar. The max depth is currently hardcoded to 5, but if I could set it to 2, it might work for my site. It wouldn't be as functional as a Hide/Show sidebar, but at least the sidebar wouldn't be so huge and ugly. Not sure how it would work if the user clicked on a forum link in the list where the forum was at a depth greater than the max depth setting. Still, I'm pushing for a Hide/show for deeper than 2 levels...
  25. Member's Country

    For those who have IPS Geo not enabled because of an none renewed licensee, this would be helpful.
  26. Member's Country

    The country is picked via IP. You don't choose a country. And what sense it would make if the user can simply choose a different country so the main goal of the plugin is lost. That won't happen.
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