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  4. Hello, No What to add and where?
  5. I'm sorry, how do i enable this to work automatically. I've installed it, but its not reading the error.log and picking up on bad email addresses and marking them to be confirmed. It says add it to config, but what config and where?
  6. We disabled notifications nearly two years ago after rewording the auto-response several times. Out of the hundreds of tickets we field each day, 1/3-1/2 of them would come back when they got that auto response and either say "this is already resolved, why you are bugging me?!" or "it's all better now, you can resolve this!" or "that issue is resolved, but I have something new." Again, in spite of rewording it even with "no need to reply unless you need to" - it served more confusion than it helped and having 80 "you can close this now" responses simply slows down normal support for everyone, without good reason. Currently, the auto-resolve is set to two weeks. It's not typical that someone needs to come back to a ticket that has had no activity on their end for two weeks. Naturally, I'm quite happy to turn it on if this becomes a regular thing - but I'm comfortable with it as-is for now. Regarding those tickets - I think we should have done a better job at following the issue up before suggesting an upgrade. That's something I'll address internally. These shouldn't have made it to the two week mark, which is one of my points. I've merged your new tickets and old together and we'll get it looked at as soon as possible. Thanks.
  7. No problem You're welcome
  8. Face palm...Sorry to have wasted your time. Now to figure out how to get different boxes to appear as the top box depending on the forum you are in....Google here we come...Keep up the great work and any helpful info or docs would be awesome.
  9. Edit the forum you want and upload your own icon
  10. Yes, try the "%EMBED%" quick tag instead. Should grab the full video embed that the Videos app generates instead.
  11. It should but there is also a group permission called "Can view goals" if you really wanted to eliminate all mention of goals as well. All text throughout he public and acp end should be covered in the language files. If you search for the terms you want, you can just translate them through the lang manager. Yes someday but no ETA unfortunately.
  12. Please PM when you can and I'll try and put together something this week. I've got a patch in mind but do need to test it a little.
  13. Awesome..Thank you, but is there a way to use my own icons? Or maybe change the color of the read/unread some?
  14. is possible to add near avatar of each post (when "is permised" and exist the data) the last visit on the topic? i would use this info on rules app for future @Kevin Carwile
  15. add this to custom.css and change the number .logoWrap #elLogo img { max-height: 127px !important; } if you want to use a different font awesome icon add this to custom.css and chnage the font awesome unicode to something else .cForumList .ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_large .fa-comments:before { content: "\f086"; }
  16. When creating feeds for Blogs (post or comment) or Database entries, in addition to choosing which blog/database(s) you want it would be great if we were able to filter by tag(s) as well.
  17. When IPS do it? 😅
  18. As many of us know, Search functionality in IPB is something of a bone of contention, as per this well-trodden thread: I'd feel guilty about bumping this issue after it's been discussed so much, but I think this is one of the most important outstanding issues facing IPB. I'm an arts and humanities educator and scholar - ok, not the most common use of IPB out there (nor will it ever be, I know), but all the same I need to be able to log in to my site and run a quick search for words or phrases and get a comprehensive list. Things work OK (I stress OK) for the main content, but leaving aside difficulties with AND tag searches (which I know have been tagged as Planned for future fixes), the most frustrating thing for me (and perhaps others) is that content in custom blocks or manually-created pages is not searchable. In some respects it's almost not worth creating them if they can't be searched from the splash page. My motivations are of course in part selfish, because as I build research spaces and add custom blocks this search functionality is becoming way more important, but I am not the first (nor will I be the last) who is looking for this crucial functionality. So @Lindy I know you said in the thread above that you would look in to it, but I was wondering if there was anything more to say right now in terms of future developments? If I sound insistent, just think of it as a question from someone who loves this software (and who convinced a professor to get a license for a collaborative site ) and sees lots of potential in it for now and the future.
  19. How do I make the top portion where the logo goes a little bigger for my logo to display better. Also is there a way to change the forum icons?
  20. i think is useful filter or show a popup with my post inside a item... to permise a rapid search of all submissions, easy share and knowledge general status/summary of it. this plugin include a popup with a summary of author but don't provide a link to filter/search my post on a topic/article... this filter the posts on topic screen but is not the solution "my posts"
  21. Yes, you can set a download URL. It's not activated by default, you have to turn on the option in the admin panel, which is in a submenu while editing a user group.
  22. That's one of my wishes, too, to get a notification before the autoresolve feature closes the tickets and I need to write tickets to reopen autoresolved tickets
  23. @newbie LAC: I'm just starting out with using this. The click protection can you confirm it only applies to HTML ads? (I'd hate any banner advertisements to lose out on impressions). May I also purpose that the option to show an alternative advert once a HTML ad has been clicked to many times is relocated inside the ad options itself? This would allow us to define separate replacements. Example - I will be using Amazon Affiliates, so once Adsense an IP triggers to many HTML clicks, I could then display a banner or alternative code that the click protection isn't applied too.
  24. I am looking to create a large web site that hosts 1000s of files. However, these files are already stored else-where on a web server and I just want to be able to link to the download (IE: Download location stored on another server) but I want the descriptions, reviews, etc.. to be through IPS. Is this possible? I tried a demo, but after creating some categories and trying to add one of these file download locations I wasn't able to. It wanted me to upload the file directly (which is also okay, but only for new files) I don't want to store the files twice.
  25. Yesterday
  26. Hei, I have a suggestion for Moderator Logs. I have allowed 'Edit Logs' but when a user changes topic title also, it won't show up anywhere what was the old title.
  27. Good idea, Just have no idea on what rules that needs to be said!!!
    This app is one of the best I have been working with at my board. Very smart and well made. My top author after all this years at IPS is: RAW onlyME Adriano Faria
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