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  3. Good point. Seems I remember buying this app before some years ago, and there were lots of quizzes already out there that users were sharing with each other. Unfortunately I just don't have the time to do it... I put out an advert on a Facebook group for foreigners in Turkey for paid work for writing quizzes. I think it will be worth it. My site doesn't generate much social interaction, so this might be just the ticket to get some started. Anyway thanks for the info Joel and Adriano.
    This is a really great skin and at a fair price too. One of the best aspects of this skin is the creator himself who is very active in helping you with any problems and responds very quickly, he also takes your good ideas and puts them into future updates, DICE should learn him this guy it's great to see such a dev help and take ideas in such a quick manner. If you are going to invest into a skin you should choose any of the ones TAMAN makes as IPB updates do break things but with someone so active you can expect it to get updated quickly. The skins that ipsfocus make are okay and are the same price but they are the same skins just updated over and over for like years now, I never see anything new or fresh from them, so I hope TAMAN plans to make newer skins especially ones that focus around gaming communities because so far his work really is slick and he's made it easier to edit things around to make the skin fit into your community better.
  4. Any bugs should be submitted as a support ticket
  5. See here. Not right now but will look into again next version.
  6. Here is a patch to fix this. New version will be out soon to include this. Open applications/birthdaygreeter/modules/admin/settings/settings.php Find: $form->add( new \IPS\Helpers\Form\NumberRange( 'abg_age_range', \IPS\Settings::i()->abg_age_range ? array( 'start' => reset( $ageRange ), 'end' => end( $ageRange ) ) : array( 'start' => 0, 'end' => 100 ), FALSE, array(), NULL, NULL, NULL, 'abg_age_range' ) ); Replace With: $form->add( new \IPS\Helpers\Form\Custom( 'abg_age_range', \IPS\Settings::i()->abg_age_range ? array( 'start' => reset( $ageRange ), 'end' => end( $ageRange ) ) : array( 'start' => 0, 'end' => 100 ), FALSE, array( 'getHtml' => function( $element ) { return "<input type='text' value='{$element->value['start']}' name='abg_age_range[start]' min='0' class='ipsField_short'> - <input type='text' value='{$element->value['end']}' name='abg_age_range[end]' min='0' class='ipsField_short'>"; } ), NULL, NULL, NULL, 'abg_age_range' ) ); Save.
  7. Nope, not an employee. Just a customer who doesn't want my install of the software to suffer because IPS gets distracted by wasteful, incoherent feedback.
  8. Yes.
  9. Will this be compatible with Group Collaboration?
  10. Yesterday
  11. When adding multiple renewal options there should be an options node allowing you to adjust the base price. For instance, if the default price of your package is $10.00 and you have two renewal options for $30.00 a month and $60.00 a year your base price should change accordingly. As of right now the only options are to add to base price (10.00 + 30.00/60.00 = 40.00/70.00) Sure you can adjust the base price and or the renewal price but the value will not be true. I was unable to find a work around which forced me to create multiple packages.
  12. So IPS should only make what people ask for? This is a company, not a democracy. .... I'm sure you employee... so.... Than for what they working? For money? or for customers? my English maybe wrong))
  13. So IPS should only make what people ask for? This is a company, not a democracy. You can't even give your feedback in the proper place so why should anybody, let alone IPS, care?
  14. And how many users ask for a reactions? And how many users ask for modern sidebar?
  15. Being a long-time user and reading these forums does not mean that you know they're not listening to admins.
  16. Can you add an option to disable the slider on mobile? EDIT: I asked the above cause I tried to change the slider. I want the entire slider to be clickable rather than a button. I got it to work somewhat, looks ok on non-mobile, but when viewing on mobile its no longer responsive. Is there a way to make the entire slider clickable without any text/button and still be responsive?
  17. Fala @Adriano Faria eu era cliente do seu antigo site, você atende pedido ainda? não consegui mandar PM...
  18. I'm watching IPS from IconBoard))) I know this product and i am reading forums. and this product does not suit me. Cmon Adriano, u are most of who know this, marketplace is better way....)))) Its Lindy`s wrong way....
  19. Of course, that's not what I meant.
  20. I don't think everybody should have the same access. Exactly how much of the inner workings is exposed depends upon the person; so, for example, as a developer (and a big one at that) you should have much more access to the relevant information than me or any other person who randomly posts to this site.
  21. And that's the problem. No one, except them, does. So anything they say, it's said.
  22. If trends were used then the product can easily be awful. By following its own path, IPS can produce the best for its own software. How do you know they're not listening to admins? I doubt you have access to all of the feedback they receive.
  23. Im glad to hear that! Thanks.
  24. Awesome thanks @TAMAN - This theme is by far the best/my favorite theme. This is one I can see using for a very long time.
  25. I will implement that for next version, soon WOW! I like it. better than mine, I always such at coloring haha Thanks for the review btw
  26. Shouldn't there be some sort of prompt for the user letting them know the funds have been applied and now their total account credit is X ??? It's really confusing to apply and gift card funds and have it just pop off the screen. I am guessing everyone tries to apply the credit again right away.
  27. I too WOULD LOVE to know this!!
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