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  2. Ok. Will play with it during the weekend.
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  4. I am using the latest version and am still seeing both issues: Duplicated profile photos Limited number of profile photos shown (set 30, show 20 or less)
  5. Search for Spacious in the IPS Marketplace
  6. Sure let send you a link
  7. Do you have a link so i can check what causes the issue?
  8. Sorry Joel, you've lost me!
  9. ok i will need see can send detail your site i try look tomorrow but been so busy with work it been mega amount work load.
  10. ThemeTentUK plugin - I've contacted him to see what causing the issue.
  11. @Joey_M, what's the issue with it? The version Peter released didn't fix the issue (if they're the same)?
  12. You sent a PM to me with this content. Us, developers, do not handle purchases. If you have any pending, for any reason, email IPS:
  13. ah i see, okay thanks
  14. Only one link, only got one theme on one website I chnaged the color to blue Just wanted that blue line above the advert so it does look off pointing. Unless you designed it like that?
  15. pending.. order
  16. this probably comes from advertisements any link to check?
  17. You can try Polls Wall by @newbie LAC
  18. Spacious ACP by @All Astronauts aka @Flitterkill
  19. @TAMAN Just needs little more editing I don't know if you can see it but I marked it in yellow, Link in in my sig, that the advert has to black lines underneath
  20. unfortunately, yes, the search position was unnecessary and might cause issue for third-party apps and plugins - Hi! what social icons plugins?
  21. Yes the location edited, its better now
  22. We are currently using the REST API call /forums/post to get a list of recent posts by our developers, so we can highlight them on our web page and at the top of our forums. Unfortunately, they lack two pieces of information we would really like to have: the names of the topic and the sub-forum the post appeared under. Could you add those to the return results for the call?In addition, we'd like to be able to request a specific number to be returned. Currently it seems to be limited to 25 results, we'd like to be able to get 100 with a single call. Can you add the ability to include a resultsPerPage param to the request?
  23. @Mike John I'm getting the following error when trying to access this in Members -> Birthday Greeter -> Settings. Currently running - Also uninstalled and reinstalled just to be sure. Class 'IPS\Helpers\Form\NumberRange' not found in /home/nginx/domains/ on line 53
  24. I've noticed on my community if I price something at zero dollars it will display as $0.00 dollars. Whereas here on IPS whenever something is $0.00 it will display as FREE. I was wondering if there was a setting I'm missing or perhaps a mod available that does this?
  25. what made you change the footer? also you need to edit it as the adverts are now been relocated
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