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  3. NeoWin is a massive community, been around years! Not sure if it's helpful but nice to see they're still using IPB. Forum Statistics 957,797 Total Topics 11,889,362 Total Posts Member Statistics 350,181 Total Members 73,912 Most Online
  4. Hi @Theme Tent UK This plugin is currently effecting Taman's theme, the sub menu on the nav bar makes the menu go towards the top of the page instead of the bottom.
  5. Afternoon Taman, I'm still getting the nav bar going toward the top of the page. This is on a fresh install of the theme, both on FF and safari (both Windows/Mac). Update: it's the Social Icons plugin that's caused the issue, will get on to the maker.
  6. It was my fault for not checking, and making an assumption that an updated version would be available for IPB v4. But, I DEFINITELY am in this boat. I had to start over, with members now permanently in numerous - 7 or 8 - sponsor usergroups. Definitely NOT a situation where I wanted to be
  7. In the link view? Yes, it's possible but I think most people want to see the image on a higher size. Also, it wouldn't store the hit, which is fired by clicking in the button. So I don't think I will change this.
  8. feature request Would it be possible for when clicking the website image thumbnail to be taken to the site instead of loading up the thumbnail as an image?
  9. Thank you very much
  10. I'm running 3.4.5 and MYSQL 5.6.35.
  11. Hello, Yes, that's no problem. The account holder can add 'alternative contacts' to their account via our client area, and that enables those contacts to submit support requests and so on. Hope that helps!
  12. In versione 3.0, the option 'Header' -> 'Search Position' -> ' Nav Bar' has been removed permanently?
  13. In the AdminCP main dashboard view, you can Add widgets to show an overview of Gallery, Downloads and Blogs. To build on this existing facility, would you consider adding extra widgets to show stats for Forums and Calendars too? This would provide an at a glance summary of all the main stats for the community suite. Perhaps a Members Overview as well. Make them cache-able, so updated say once every 24hrs. For example, in a Forums Overview widget, include the basics such as Forums, Sub-Forums, Topics, Replies. Then perhaps like in your Downloads Overview, you could add Most Viewed Topics, Largest Topic (based on number of replies). Perhaps even Average Daily and Monthly Views. For example, in a Calendar Overview AdminCP widget, you could include the basics such as Total Events, Total RSVP's, Total Featured Events, Total Comments. Others may be Total Reviews for each app as well, which the Gallery and Downloads widgets don't currently have. Many thanks.
  14. Oh, OK. Thanks!
  15. I will change also rss for streams on next version
  16. Yes please! Was searching to see if this was possible for all the reasons @Ribs mentioned.
  17. Hi, I'm the primary administrator of an IPB forum and I'm responsible for a lot of the technical stuff but I'm not the one who purchased the software. It makes more sense to us for me to be the one with access to support tickets and I feel we might have a need soon. In particular, we're currently trying to do a somewhat unconventional upgrade to IPS4 (upgrade with nothing but a DB backup from IPB 3.4.6 because of a little calamity with data loss). Is it possible for him to elect me as an additional client? Or give me access to the support system somehow? Thanks. Edit: I posted this in "Pre-Sales" because I think it's a question that might interest other large forum owners considering IPB.
  19. All I can say is I am hoping to release it in March. I wish I could have got it done before the ncaa basketball tournament, even for myself I wish I could have, but I'm having to get the tournaments app finished. Once I do that this one will be quick to update because I'll already know how to do everything necessary in 4.x. I wonder if I should move all the forms to the acp? I kind of doubt anyone needs them on the public side. Although, then again, maybe some will want it there.
  20. My mistake. But don’t worry about it. If you use a recent download, you will have the recent version.
  21. Theme updated to version 2. Please install it as a new theme.
  22. My idea is that the open tag system constantly expands as people add new tags. For example. As admin, you might setup the tag system to be open and define 5 tags of "house", "hiphop", "trap", "drum & bass", "trance". A member comes along and makes a post and tags their post with "garage". When the post is saved, the system recognises that its not a tag in the existing list, so it adds it to the list. Now the tag system has six defined tags: "house", "hiphop", "trap", "drum & bass", "trance", and "garage". Make sense?
  23. How is your idea different from the open tag system that's already built-in?
  24. The question voting arrows should appear on the forum questions list similar to how they are next to the answers when viewing a question. Currently they are only on the question detail page when viewing a question.
  25. Whatever minor overhead that is added by this app will be present regardless of how many apps you enable for collabs.
  26. Any news on this @Midnight Modding? Thanks!
  27. Hi. The plugin version shows as 1.0. I have uninstalled the entire plugin and reinstalled, only to see the plugin version show as 1.0, rather than 2.1. Is this a bug with my site?
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