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  2. perfect addition ...
  3. is it possible to set up the classifieds to also have the ability to accept CC or PayPal, etc, for those items, using their own payment processing? A shopping mall so to speak, so private sellers can sell their own items, and vendors can list as well, using their payment processing methods, without payment needing to be processed by the owner of the IPS suite?
  4. I assume you're on about the list of PHP commands that get flagged (like exec); those are enabled with many hosts because of the fact that while they are able to be abused in the wrong hands, they are also very powerful (which is partly what makes them somewhat "dangerous") - if you are just running IPS then you're fine and can disable those commands, but if you have other applications then you might stop them working if they make use of those.
  5. I've just managed to get YouTube back, but still having issues with Insta.
  6. @newbie LAC I still can't get Instagram to work, I followed the steps mentioned in the latest upgrade but it still doesn't show. -Edit... Somehow now YouTube has disappeared and when I re-added service to the widget that no longer shows.
  7. Today
  8. Thanks Charles. Like many other people I run my own server supplied by a big hosting company so I have to do everything myself. It's beyond me why even the most up to date PHP comes with all these "dangerous" features switched on. If you are only checking and advising as a good will gesture (which we greatly appreciate) it seems a little disingenuous to then say but we won't actually proactively tell you. It's up to you to discover the warning yourself. I fully appreciate that these issues are technically not part of the forums, but someone at IPS thinks it's important to check these things. It's built into the control panel to display these warnings. So why after doing that would you just leave it up to us to discover them when you could so easily display them in the dashboard? Either IPS think it's nothing to do with them how our servers are configured or they don't. As they clearly do think it's important to check some things and warn us it feels a little like a friend noticing my house has a serious potential security vulnerability and if I ask him he'll tell me about it but otherwise he'd leave me to discover it myself
  9. I would love to see this!
  10. Nice one mate, i'm quietly waiting Thanks
  11. The security center in the AdminCP are designed as best-practice advice. Those issues you see there are not issue with our software but are issues with your hosting environment that we are simply giving you advice on. In the end, securing your server is of course your responsibility. We offer that section as assistance but only a good web host can be sure you are totally secure. Those areas highlighted are things we can easily detect and suggest but it is concerning if such basic things are not handled by your host. There may be other security issues our software can not easily detect and warn you about. You should ask your web host to audit your environment.
  12. Does a new member have to select a team on signup or can they bypass it? IE - if their team is not listed does it default to whatever team is showing in the list?
  13. Here is url If necessary, I will give access to the Admin Panel
  14. Thanks for the clarification
  15. I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to say here. The way the new system works with regards to Commerce is if Commerce alters your primary user group because you purchased a package configured to do so, the group promotion system will not adjust that member's group any further, until/unless the user is demoted because the package expires. If Commerce adjusts the user's secondary group(s), the group promotion system WILL still apply to the member. Actually, validating status is a flag on the account and not a member group in 4.x. There is no validating group for new installations, for instance.
  16. Sorry but this is getting on my nerves because I find this whole thing insulting.. We paid for an app that we can't use anymore. You can't keep people waiting for so long and always serving the same lame excuses. I bet when It will be released, the price will grow. In my opinion, it should be free due to the prejuidice, that's if there are still people interested or alive when it will be released (maybe April 2030). Anyways, just to let you know guys that there is another application in the marketplace that does about the same thing, though its meant for football; let's try it (Yes, while this app is being "updated" at "turtle pace" one piece of code every month, someone had the time to create a new one; and others died waiting) You may also want to try "challonge" (google it), it is not an application but it is a website that offers embeddedable brackets into any html page; it's free and customizable. Have a nice day!
  17. Hi. I recently updated my forums. I took the advice of the pre-upgrade checker to get PHP 7 installed on my server. Anyway, several weeks later I happened to click on the "security" link in the control panel and found 3 warnings. One of them in red and flagged as serious. The warnings are related to the new PHP and included disabling several commands in PHP. I had done this already in the past, but updating to PHP 7 had re-enabled these apparently dangerous commands. I'm disappointed that if IPS finds serious security issues it doesn't actually tell me. Why aren't those warnings on the dashboard with the other warnings about admins logging in and failed login attempts? I appreciate someone might say I should have realised installing a new version of PHP would override previous amendments or that I should regularly click the security link to check for new warnings. But the dashboard is already designated as a place to display important information and stats and is where I'm always taken when I log in. From there I navigate to the place I came to do work on. I haven't felt I needed to regularly check the security tab. I appreciate from now on if I change anything or upgrade IPS I will check the link but surely admins should be proactively warned about security issues as soon as they log onto the control panel? Ideally in the dashboard widgets? Andy
  18. Oh yes, this is old... IPS changed to template to remove the controller=members.
  19. On my live site I am using the marketplace file. You have actually confirmed this bug and submitted a manual fix for this in your tracker (I just saw the fix) and will try it later. The link to "Find tutorials by same author" also looks bad. The real one should be: profile/1-username/?do=content&type=tutorials_article while in the marketplace app it is: /profile/1-username/content/?controller=members&type=tutorials_article
  20. It would be great if it would be possible to display on the main category page in grid view
  21. Just to make sure. I have the marketplace place running on my live (offline) board and everything works fine. Are you using the Beta in your live board?
  22. Yes, Minute
  23. Have a test URL?
  24. Hi! Tell me, how can I solve the problem? Thumbnails are not created. After changing database settings, the image was added again, but without result ... The image on the page is stretched, so that the whole view is cut off ... I will be happy to help ...
  25. Theme updated to version 1.0.1, Just some improvements in css especially for skewed elements that uses the transparent textures like the userbar. -- Well, after testing i remembered why i didn't do it at first place lol its just the method im using which is applying css pseudo elements on forum fontawesome icons. but pseudo elements can not apply on img tags, And its not possible to target the forum image devs for read and un-read status without editing HTML template which i wont do it. So i leave this alone with its current opacity effect when there is no new posts just like the default theme. But if you have any suggestions or a good idea what to do with the forum image if there are new status then Please feel free
  26. I am on holliday

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