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      Introduction to Chat

      Chat within the IPS4 product allows you to communicate with your members in a live time environment.   The following guides will show you how to set up the chat area to your liking and how to use the software itself.
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      Chat Settings

      The first thing you will want to do with regards to chat, is set it up in the way that is most appropriate for your own site. The main settings can be found in the following location Community>Chat>Settings   From here you can set up the various preferences. If you set the "Show Chat Rules" setting in this area, it will give you an editor to enter the rules of your chatroom. These will be shown before a user enters.    In addition to the main chat settings, you will find other settings within each member group, which will let you set who can access, moderate, and send private messages.
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      Viewing chat logs

      It may at times be important for you to find out what has been going on in the chat room. For this purpose we have provided chat logs. You can find these within the following location
      Community>Chat>Logs You will note that there is a "Prune settings" button. This will allow you to set how long you wish to keep these for.
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      Chatroom Use

      Using the chatroom itself is simply a case of entering text into the space provided and selecting send (or pressing the enter key), as you would do no many other chat rooms. In the top right you will see there is the option to leave the chatroom and also mute the sound that are coming from it.   The user list on the right is used for selecting options for use with those members. What you see in here will depend on your usergroup permissions. Below shows the full list for someone who has all permissions. As you can see here, you can give the rights to kick or ban users from the room. These are for people who have moderation rights in the room.

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